Manage Linux Desktops

UCS enables the operation of different client systems from Windows, Apple MacOS or Linux in one domain. We offer two options for the central installation and administration of Linux-based desktop systems. The first one is the Ubuntu-based Univention Corporate Client (UCC), which is maintained by Univention. UCC allows you to control and operate thin client devices centrally. The second option is the Univention Domain Join Assistant.


Univention Corporate Client

Univention Corporate Client (UCC) enables the operation and management of PCs, notebooks and thin clients in organizations. The software includes a Ubuntu-based desktop environment optimized for business use. UCC can also be used to access remote desktop solutions and virtualized desktops as well as browser- or terminal server-based applications.

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Univention Domain Join Assistant

With the Domain Join Assistant, administrators can integrate Linux clients, such as Ubuntu computers, into a UCS domain. This way clients are managed via the UCS management system and receive, for example, access information about the network. The users of the UCS domain can log in to the client with their usual user names and passwords. The domain can be accessed via a graphical user interface or via the command line.

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Secure single sign-on for users – Central administration for administrators

For both solutions, users can log in with their usual user names and passwords and get access to additional services via single sign-on. The domain administrators can conveniently manage clients via the central Univention Management Console.