Note: The app Print Server Quota has been discontinued and is available for UCS 4.x only. There will be no update to UCS 5. For more information, see UCS 5 - Discontinued Features

This app installs the print server accounting and quota software pykota. Print server quotas are used to control and restrict users to a sensible use of printers by allocating a quota. They help to reduce the amount of paper needed and therefore limits printing costs. Print server quotas are especially interesting for schools and colleges and other organizations with a lot of users with the need to print.

The app allows to set quota limits on a user or group basis. The settings are done via the UCS management system. Before the print job is sent to the printer, the system checks whether the user is authorized to print. In addition, every print job is logged, which allows cost evaluations.

Further information can be found on the linked website.


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