Note: The app Nagios has been discontinued and is available for UCS 4.x only. There will be no update to UCS 5. The Nagios functionality has been integrated in the UCS 5 Dashboard.

This app provides system and network monitoring based on the software Nagios. It allows a continous and automatic monitoring of IT structures consisting of networks, computers and services.

The Nagios app has a comprehensive collection of monitoring modules, the so-called Nagios plugins. In addition to polling system indicators (e.g., CPU and memory utilization, free disk space), they also allow to test the availability and function of different services (e.g., SSH, SMTP, HTTP). Simple program steps such as the delivery of a test e-mail or the resolution of a DNS record are generally performed for the function tests. In addition to the standard plugins included in Nagios, the UCS-specific plugins are also provided, with which the listener/notifier replication can be monitored, for example.


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