odoo enhanced ITISeasy.business (UE)

Our ITISeasy.business solution is based on the open source odoo community and has matured into a solution with added value based on our many years of experience in project work and the introduction of ERP systems at companies as well as our product development. With ITISeasy.business, we want to pass this experience and improvement on as a complete package to our customers in order to obtain a comprehensive solution and to dispense with customization as far as possible in the introduction of an ERP system.

ITISeasy.business is a full-fledged business system and, thanks to its versatile, modular concept, is far more than a normal ERP system. It supports you with a precise business process that is still easy to manage and easy to use. This means that your employees, partners and you can take control of your company and receive the information they need to steer in the right, future-oriented direction.

Due to the modular structure of ITISeasy.business, the software is ideally suited for every industry and company size.

IT IS easy business is equipped with a series of extensions that are particularly elementary and useful for the European market. Particularly noteworthy is the unique contract ( ITISeasy.business contract), the management dashboard, the great improvement for ITISeasy.business projects, the user helpdesk and ticketing (ITISeasy.business support), but also the complete staffing solution with ITISeasy.business presence, ITISeasy.business timesheet (Time reservations), ITISeasy.business vacation planning, and shift management. Last but not least, we have also added important functions to finance accounting, such as reminder and reporting, so that they can really get started right away.

You can get the free ITISeasy.business (UE) version via the Univention App Center, which already contains a large number of improvements compared to odoo. If you need the full scope of ITISeasy.business for your company, you can have the feature rich, full version (usage fee) activated.

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