Note: The app FileWave MDM has been discontinued and is available for UCS 4.x only. There will be no update to UCS 5.

The FileWave management solution enables IT teams to quickly and easily configure and manage computers and mobile devices. Software, settings, documents, applications, and more can be distributed centrally without disrupting end users so they can focus on their important tasks.

In education and business environments alike, FileWave offers an ideal multi-platform solution for the central management of endpoint devices. Customers benefit from the advantages of an easy-to-use and intuitive interface, which covers the complete lifecycle of devices.

Fileset Technology

With the proven FileWave Fileset technology, you always have control over your software, even after distribution. FileWave is distributed at the file level, whereby a Fileset contains all the files, folders and meta-information belonging to the application. For example, the possibility to add fonts, templates, plug-ins, etc. to the users in the background, without re-downloading the complete installer or re-running the installation process. And all this without the user getting any knowledge of it at all.

Features at a Glance

FileWave provides a complete set of features that accompanies the computer hardware from unpacking to replacement. FileWave offers the following in one interface:

  • Multi-Platform support (macOS, iOS, Windows, Chrome OS, and Android)
  • Imaging Mac and Windows machines
  • Software distribution in the background for Mac and Windows
  • Provision of software, profiles, files, etc. in a self-service portal
  • OS and 3rd party patch management
  • Hardware and software inventory
  • License Management
  • Device Tracking

Mobile Devices

Not only can macOS, Windows and Chrome OS computers be easily managed, but also iOS and Android devices can be managed within the same interface. Attach your UCS directory service to FileWave to support your BYOD or 1:1 program. In addition, FileWave supports Apple's Mobile Device Management (MDM), which includes full support for DEP and VPP.

Why FileWave and UCS?

Seamless and uncomplicated integration with Identity Management and directory services in UCS is ensured. In this way, applications, updates, patches, documents, and more can be distributed to computers or mobile devices.


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