The application Ethercalc is a web-based collaborative spreadsheet editor that allows you to work on tables together with your colleagues, friends or fellow students.

Your data is saved in Ethercalc, and people can edit the same document at the same time. Everybody's changes are instantly reflected on all screens. Work together on inventories, survey forms, list management, brainstorming sessions and more!

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Ethercalc on UCS

After installation via the Univention App Center you will find Ethercalc ready to go on your UCS portal page. You don't need any additional software or user accounts - just click on the app and start by either uploading an existing table or creating an empty document. The link to the table can be sent to colleagues or friends.

Export and Import Documents

Created tables can be exported to common formats such as ODS, HTML, CSV or Excel. Ethercalc thus offers good compatibility with standard Office programs. After the export you can further edit your text in an Office software like LibreOffice.

But not only the Ex- but also the import of tables is possible by default via CSV, ODS or Excel formats.

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Download UCS

Download UCS and activate EtherCalc directly from the App Center.

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