Print server (CUPS)

This app provides a print server on the basis of the Software Common UNIX Printing System (CUPS) und delivers PPD drivers for most printer devices. Printer, printer groups and queues can be managed with the UCS management system. All configured printers can be used directly from UCS systems and will be automatically offered to Windows clients, if the Windows Services are used.

The technical capacities of a printer are specified in so-called PPD files. These files include for example whether a printer can print in color, whether duplex printing is possible, whether there are several paper trays, which resolutions are supported and which printer control languages are supported.

A printer can either be connected directly to the print server locally (e.g., via the USB port or a parallel port) or communicate with a printer via remote protocols (e.g., TCP/IP compatible printers, which are connected via IPP or LPD).

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