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Crust is the open source Salesforce alternative, a private cloud CRM platform which integrates seamlessly with the software ecosystem of your choice. Crust marries identity, communication and logic powerfully to guarantee your business the maximum flexibility when implementing its business processes. The Crust platform has six core components:

  1. Crust CRM for increasing sales
    Sell faster and detect new opportunities quicker with this complete and highly flexible CRM. Crust CRM gives you a complete 360 degree overview of your accounts and includes a powerful automation tool which reduces the workload of sales and increases productivity.

  2. Crust Service Cloud for providing the best service
    Provide the best customer service with the soon to be released Crust Service Cloud. Agents get a complete overview of any customer and advanced case management features, including integrated omni-channel communications. With Crust Service cloud customer  issues are solved faster and better, increasing the customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  3. Crust Enterprise Messaging for team collaboration
    Communicate efficiently with Crust Enterprise Messaging. This Slack and Mattermost alternative is a secure and self-hosted collaboration tool that increases the productivity of your teams. It reduces email traffic and gives you a searchable message history that makes finding or sharing information internally easier then ever before.

  4. Crust Compose for Low Code Development
    Every business is different and has different needs. This Low Code platform enables you to create simple or complex custom business applications in an intuitive way within hours instead of months - and the application will meet your exact needs. Applications created with Crust Compose seamlessly integrate with Crust CRM, Service Cloud and Messaging.

  5. Crust Unify for Ecosystem Integration
    Crust Unify provides a digital work platform with easy and fast access to different applications in your software ecosystem. You can work with the applications in different tabs, or side by side using panels.

  6. Crust IAM for Customer Identity and Access Management
    This advanced Customer Identity and Access Management makes it easier then ever before to securely manage employees, contractors and even clients. Provide the right access to the right person with Crust IAM.

A Crust subscription, based on a price per user per month, is needed after the free trial. Pricing details are available on Subscriptions are for maintenance updates only.


Crust is well integrated in UCS, offering an easy installation and straightforward user access management via the UCS management system. Users created in UCS can use their UCS domain account to log in to Crust.

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