ownCloud updated in App Center

ownCloud version 10.0.3-20170918 from ownCloud GmbH now available in App Center.

The new app version now comes with the Collabora Online plugin pre-installed. However, the connection to a Collabora app installed on UCS still has to be established manually. The description of the Collabora app explains how this works. Users now have the ability to migrate to the latest version of ownCloud.

At the moment there are two ownCloud Apps in the App Center: ownCloud 9. x and ownCloud 10. x. Until now, the user data was not transferred when you switched to the other app. With the now released app, this is possible. However, you must ensure that the “owncloud 9.1” app is installed in version 9.1.4 which you now need to uninstall. Afterwards you install the latest ownCloud App in Version 10.0.3. Thus, the old user data has been transferred and is available again.

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