Bacula Enterprise Edition new in Univention App Center

Integrate the network enterprise backup solution Bacula Enterprise Edition in heterogeneous IT environments with just a few clicks

With the launch of Bacula Enterprise Edition there is now a further professional enterprise solution for the backup and restoration of data in heterogeneous environments available in the Univention App Center. Users of the enterprise IT management solution Univention Corporate Server (UCS) can test the software with unlimited functions for 30 days and 5 jobs.

Dokuwiki, WordPress and Subversion in the Univention App Center

IT service provider 7iSolutions bundles Open Source solutions for UCS

The well-known business solutions Dokuwiki and WordPress are now available in the Univention App Center as 7iApps from 7iSolutions. The applications can be installed with just a few clicks and automatically integrated in UCS’ central user and service management. 7iSolutions is the first provider to bundle existing Open Source solutions for the Univention App Center and make them available to customers there together with a service offer. Work is already under way on the integration of additional applications such as the revision control system Subversion.