Univention Graduate Prize 2016: Submit Your Dissertations on Open Source Topics Now

Absolventenpreis 2016 Banner

Univention GmbH, a leading European supplier of Open Source products for IT operation and management, is pleased to announce that it will be awarding the Univention Graduate Prize once again in 2016. The prize money totaling € 3,500 is awarded for dissertations making a particular contribution to the growth of Open Source software. A first-rate panel of experts comprising Open Source specialists from Fujitsu, Bosch, Lufthansa Systems, and DB Systems as well as the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) and the online news portal Pro-Linux.de will judge all the entries on their suitability for use and innovation.

UCS Puts the User Management of Office 365 and Google Apps for Work Back in Your Hands

Companies Regain Freedom of Choice in Microsoft’s and Google’s Cloud Worlds

Microsoft and Google are quickly developing into the top dogs of the office cloud scene, and companies are increasingly finding themselves faced with an uncomfortable problem: Namely, loss of control and freedom of choice. With its brand-new interfaces to Office 365 and Google Apps for Work, Univention Corporate Server (UCS), developed by the Bremen-based software vendor Univention, is now giving its customers back the freedom to choose for themselves as it puts the centralized user management for all the solutions implemented in your company back under your control – whether you’re a start-up working solely the cloud or an organization with its own IT department.

Univention and TecArt publish app bundle with Docker integration

The app from the software developer TecArt is the first third-party supplier with Docker integration to be included in the App Center of the server management solution Univention Corporate Server (UCS). The innovative Docker container technology makes it possible to operate different software systems separately from each other in the same environment. These encapsulated apps offer a wide range of advantages in their use in terms of flexibility and security. The isolation creates an optimal and independent system configuration, which simplifies the integration of the TecArt Business software for UCS. The new app manages all the business information and the work and communication processes in companies in a structured, flexible, and centralized manner.

Univention Summit 2016: Open Source Scene Came Together to Exchange Experiences with Clouds, School IT, and Apps

250 experts at the 8th Univention Summit

Bremen, January 25, 2016. Around 250 experts from software houses, cloud service providers, and IT service providers along with users met on Thursday and Friday in Bremen for the 8th Univention Summit. The event, which traditionally kicks off the Open Source scene year in Germany, was dedicated to the important topics of openness, transparency, and trust this year. The program of presentations, talks, and workshops was complemented by an accompanying exhibition offering software developers and hardware manufacturers the chance to present their solutions. Univention, the host of the event, announced that it would be opening its management platform Univention Corporate Server up to Office 365 and Google Apps for Work in 2016 and that it would also be continuing to focus on the expansion of the container technology Docker, which makes operation of the 75 enterprise apps now available in the Univention App Center even securer.

UCS 4.1: New release brings integration of Docker and single sign-on

Cautious Modifications for Added Application and User Security

Bremen, November 17, 2015. With Version 4.1, Univention is now equipping its server operating and management platform Univention Corporate Server (UCS) with new important features for even more secure and convenient use. For example, in order to guarantee even higher security and separation in operation, the App Center integrated in UCS now also supports apps which use the container technology Docker. Manufacturers of applications available in the App Center also benefit from the global single sign-on mechanism recently integrated in UCS, which can be rendered even more secure via the use of two-factor authentication. The self-service mechanisms whereby users can reset their passwords autonomously are another particular highlight.

Release of Univention Corporate Server 4.0-3

New UCS release provides bugfixes, updates and automatic creation of Univention Apps for virtualization environments

The latest release of Univention Corporate Server (UCS) supplies various improvements, security updates and bug fixes for the IT management and operating platform of Univention. New in UCS 4.0-3, among other things, are the use of Dovecot as the default mail server, the possibility to define LDAP filters for guidelines and the automatic creation of Univention Apps as images for various virtualization environments.

Univention unveils its revised client operating system

UCC 2.1 with optimized roll-out management, integrated Citrix Receiver and more comprehensive hardware support is available now

UCC Univention Corporate Client Logo

With the release of Univention Corporate Client (UCC) Version 2.1, Univention (www.univention.de) is now making its operating and management solution for (thin) clients available with integrated Citrix Receiver. In addition, the software employs newer kernel and Xserver versions, which allow the use of additional client hardware. Another new feature of UCC is the new image server, which enables the roll-out of clients in distributed infrastructures from local servers. As always, UCC is based on the Long Term Support (LTS) version of KUbuntu (currently 14.04).

Free UCS Core Edition rapidly boosts popularity of Univention Corporate Server

Bremen, 1st July 2015 – Univention (www.univention.de) is amazed by the positive feedback that it has received on the free Core Edition of Univention Corporate Server (UCS), which has now been available for two months. The popularity of this Open Source server solution optimised for the operation and management of IT infrastructures and server applications as well as identity management in companies is growing at lightning speed. The integrated App Center with a constantly increasing number of enterprise applications has also contributed substantially to this success.

DFKI and Univention develop secure technology for third-party applications in Univention Corporate Server

“Safer Apps” research project for SMEs launched

As the use of and dependency on IT solutions grows, IT infrastructure security is becoming central to business survival. Industrial espionage and temporary production outages are just two possible consequences of poorly secured IT solutions. That is why research staff in the Cyber-Physical Systems department at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) and developers at the Bremen software provider Univention are creating a security infrastructure based on virtualisation techniques, as part of the “Safer Apps” project. The aim is to enable companies safely to install and run applications from third-party vendors in an existing IT infrastructure and in the cloud, without this posing risks or problems for that IT environment.

Univention Announces New Pricing and Licensing for Univention Corporate Server

Core Edition Now Available for Enterprise Customers

Bremen, Germany – April 21, 2015  – Univention, developer of Europe’s most popular open source corporate server, Univention Corporate Server (UCS), today announced Univention Core Edition. The new licensing, compared to its previous “free for personal use” license, can be used for commercial purposes. Univention also announced today that it is expanding the scope of its enterprise subscriptions. UCS is an open source server platform for the flexible and efficient management of IT infrastructure and applications. With a comprehensive Active Directory function, UCS is an increasingly popular alternative to Microsoft products. UCS features an App Center offering more than 60 enterprise applications, and easily integrates cloud services, making it perfect for the requirements of dynamically evolving companies that need to control of their infrastructures, applications and rights management without having to forgo the advantages of cloud-based IT.