Interview: HR Manager Elena reports on her experiences at the Univention Summit

You as HR Manager for Social Media at the Summit: How did that come about? Everyone takes part in the Univention Summit – whether from HR, Marketing or Professional Services. Together with Yvonne from Marketing, I was assigned to the social media posts and the interviews with the participants. Some of my colleagues thought that […]

Interview: Andreas Tells Us How He Was Able to Fulfill His Dream of Taking a “Sabbatical” at Univention

Pausing for a moment, reading a book in peace, traveling across Europe, dedicating oneself to a project or volunteering full-time – this is the dream of many employees. At Univention, this dream has come true, because for the past two years, employees have had the opportunity to take time out in the form of a […]

Girls’ Day/Future Day 2023 for Univention

Girls' Day 2023 Univention

On this year’s Girls’ Day, seven girls and three boys between the ages of 11 and 14 not only learned about software development, open source and the management of large IT projects, but also got involved themselves. With the help of our trainees Mika, Joschua, Richard and Amir, the kids programmed a little ping-pong game […]

Interview: Johannes Talks About Digital Sovereignty and How he Experiences it in his Daily Work

Univention’s vision is a world in which people and organizations alike use IT in a self-determined way and can help shape it – for us, this can be summarized as Digital Sovereignty. We derive our mission from this vision: We create IT solutions that are open, transparent and easy to use. This is what all […]

“I think it’s important to have women in development teams as well.”

Interview with Monika: Head of Development at Univention

Here at Univention, it is a matter of course that women work in development and hold management positions. Our best example is Monika. As Head of Software Engineering, she is responsible for software development, including product development and maintenance, as well as new and further developments. In this interview, she talks about diversity in teams, […]

What Univention employees think about our culture

Employees about our culture

In previous articles, we have written a lot about our corporate culture and how we communicate it to new colleagues. Now it’s time to let our colleagues have a say. In this article, you will learn what they think about Univention’s corporate culture. What do they find positive or challenging about it?

“I had no idea what I was getting into.”

Mirac: Linux Support Engineer

I was not expecting this statement when I asked our new colleague Mirac to answer a few questions about working as a Linux Support Engineer. Read this statement yourself . We hope you enjoy it!