XWiki: The Open Source Knowledge Management Platform

XWiki Logo

XWiki is a full-featured Open Source knowledge management platform used by thousands of organizations of all sizes to collaborate and exchange information. We are excited to announce that XWiki has joined the Univention App Center.

New in EGroupware 21.1: Placeholders, and automatic generation of PDF/PNG

A new EGroupware version is available in the Univention App Center, and it offers some cool new features. For example, users can insert all data stored in EGroupware into Collabora Online directly via a new dialog, and not just via placeholders.This way, only a few clicks are necessary to include entries from the address book, […]

ownCloud 10.6: Reach Digital Sovereignity faster

With ownCloud 10.6 now available as an Univention App, Appliance users benefit from improvements in federation, security and usability

The future is now: OX delivers seamless video, voice and text integration

Bild vom OX User Interface auf einem Laptop

The world has changed dramatically in 2020, with people being forced to work in ways they never imagined this time in 2019. While many people have looked at working from home as an option over the years – and companies examined the practicalities – only a small percentage of the total workforce was working remotely […]

ONLYOFFICE Docs: brand new name and big updates for spreadsheets


ONLYOFFICE is a collaborative office suite for working with text documents, spreadsheets and presentations in UCS. It is combined with Nextcloud, ownCloud, or Seafile and installed from Univention App Center casually (Docker-based) or as a pre-configured virtual appliance. You can also integrate it in UCS LDAP to manage all users. In this article I’d like […]

OpenProject 11.0: New features of the Community- and Enterprise version

OpenProject 11.0

Version 11.0 of the open source project management software OpenProject includes many new features that improve both classic and agile project management.

Cloud Office: Open Source is the better solution

These days, a modern workflow includes fast coordination processes in teams that should also function independently of time and location. For this type of collaboration, it is essential that all team members can edit documents together without conflicts due to different file versions or endless and tiring comment loops. In this article I’d like to […]

ONLYOFFICE Integration Edition: a bigger scale of collaboration

ONLYOFFICE Integration Edition has just entered Univention App Store as a fully independent application. Read this article to learn more about how ONLYOFFICE can support your team in its growth and what opportunities it can provide in collaborative environment of a mature business.

Let’s take the Corona crisis as an opportunity

Together we will change the world written on the pavement with chalk

The Corona crisis has had a huge impact on our society. Office workers had to start working remotely, medical professionals had countless double shifts and delivery companies went into over drive. Winners and losers everywhere – Amazon grew turnover by 25% in the second quarter of 2020, the cloud computing department of Microsoft saw a […]

EGroupware 20.1: further upgrades for home office-based users

DDie neue Version von EGroupware birgt spannende Neuerungen - unter anderem das Tool "smallPART", welches videogesetütztes Lernen und Lehren ermöglicht.

EGroupware is a team management solution which specialises in team communication. The software is not only open source-based, but can be easily integrated into existing IT infrastructures. EGroupware can be installed via the Univention App Center. The great advantage of Univention Corporate Server lies in the integrated identity and infrastructure management system. This facilitates the […]