Cool Solution: Single-Sign-On-Integration of Moodle into UCS@school

From pandemics to corporate training, new technologies have transformed the landscape of learning dramatically in recent years. It is especially true in the area of learning platforms. Whether used for self-study or to coordinate homework, learning platforms have become an integral part of almost all educational institutions. Many UCS@school users rely on the well-known Open […]

sofatutor Gets off to a Fantastic Start with the Univention ID Broker!

The Univention ID Broker portfolio is constantly growing. We are pleased to introduce another great online platform that enables efficient digital learning in schools and an easy integration by USC@school users.

Unification of Administration and Provisioning of Open-Xchange (OX) User Accounts and Functional Mailboxes

In this blog article I would like to briefly introduce you to the new feature of OX Connector and OX App Suite.

Guest Article: Finance with UE – Full-featured, Sophisticated and Adaptable

The subject of finance often divides opinion: Some consider it a science, while others simply an indispensable requirement for managing a company. While for some entrepreneurs “management by account balance” quickly exhausts the possibilities of strategic business, for others the constant overview of cash flow, EBIT and cost accounting is simply indispensable. Asked about it, […]

E-mail Archiving: You Should Be Aware of These Misconceptions

Benno Mailarchiv

More and more business communication is taking place via e-mail, and it has long been common practice for contracts and invoices to be sent only by e-mail. This speeds up and simplifies communication, especially in times when home offices is very popular. At the same time, many of those involved are not aware that those […]

Migration of the Identity Provider in UCS – Keycloak App now Part of the Support Scope

We reached an important milestone in the step-by-step migration to Keycloak as an Identity Provider in UCS: In August 2022, we made Keycloak available as an app in the UCS App Center for integration in UCS in an initial version and have improved it ever since. With the latest release in December, the app is […]

Updated UCS@school Kelvin REST API to version 1.7.0

UCS@school Kelvin REST API Update

Using the UCS@school Kelvin REST API app, you can conveniently create, delete or modify UCS@school user and class objects via a REST interface. Unlike the import function and manual interventions via the web interface, it is less error-prone and can be addressed automatically.

New OX Connector: connecting an external Open-Xchange Installation

OX Connector

The new OX Connector app synchronizes selected users and groups between Univention Corporate Server and a remote Open-Xchange system. Our app uses the OX SOAP API for communication. In this blog article I would like to introduce you to the new OX Connector. I’ll also talk about the prerequisites for your environment.

UCS 5.0: opsi 4.2 in the Univention App Center

The fifth major release of Univention Corporate Server was published in May, 2021. As announced back then, not all apps were immediately available, but migrated step by step. As of now, opsi 4.2 is available in the Univention App Center: one version for the predecessor UCS 4.4-x and one version for UCS 5.0. Together with […] UE- the new ERP Solution for UCS

Easily and quickly manage the entire company with all employees, whether you are 2, 20, 200 or 2000 employees. Thanks to its modular concept, our modern, web-based business ERP and CRM solution can already be adapted to your needs as standard.