Digitaler Unterricht mit UCS@school

Educational Sector

With UCS@school, you can manage identities and access rights in a user-friendly and secure way. The integration of national services and school software enables automatic user data synchronization, reduces administrative effort and improves data quality. Teachers and pupils receive a digital identity for easy access to IT services via single sign-on. Heterogeneous IT infrastructures can thus be administered centrally and efficiently.

Public Sector

Digital transformation brings many advantages, such as the promotion of digital sovereignty, which enables independent and secure action in the digital world. With increasing digitalization, dependence on specific vendors is growing, which makes Identity & Access Management (IAM) all the more important. IAM helps people and organizations to perform their digital role securely and independently.

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Unsere vorkonfigurierte All-in-One-Lösung für Identity & Access Management ermöglicht Ihnen einen reibungslosen Start in kürzester Zeit. Profitieren Sie von umfangreichen Active-Directory-Funktionen und der nahtlosen Integration von Active-Directory-Domänen. Dank offener Schnittstellen und Konnektoren können Sie IT-Dienste problemlos integrieren und benutzerfreundlich mit Single Sign-on nutzen.

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