This training provides technical staff with the requisite knowledge and capabilities for the successful employment of UCS in projects with a medium level of complexity as well as their subsequent maintenance, administration, and operation.

We put emphasis on the similarities and differences to other Linux distributions, concepts and extensibility as well as the demonstration of UCS‘ technical possibilities.

The key aspects of this seminar are the use of UCS as a server system for Microsoft Windows-based clients and the migration of existing IT environments.

Prior knowledge required of participants:

  • Sound understanding of the installation of server operating systems (hard disk partitioning, hardware configuration etc.)
  • Sound understanding of the construction and configuration of TCP/IP and Microsoft networks.
  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft domain models (Active Directory)
  • Basic knowledge of Linux-based or Unix-based systems (log-in, work with a text editor on the console, use of shell commands)

Seminar contents:

  • UCS basics and concepts
  • Domain concept and server roles in UCS
  • UCS management system
  • UCS in the Windows environment and as the Active Directory Domain Controller
  • UCS components and extensibility

No. of participants: max. 6 participants

Schedule: 2 days, each day from 9 am to 5 pm incl. 2 coffee and 1 lunch breaks (catering included)

Price:  € 990.00 / $ 1,190.00 net per participant
Language: English

There are currently no fixed dates. If you are interested in a training, please contact us and we will make an appointment.

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