Sep 2018

In 2018 the ownCloud Conference will be taking place for the 6th time. The annual ownCloud Conference is a place for all ownCloud administrators and developers. Being a gold sponsor we will be part of this event, giving an interesting talk.

More than 200 participants from all over the world will be expected. The audience will be ranging from hobby code enthusiasts, developers, designers and other creatives to experienced ownCloud administrators, interested users, politicians and deciders. Part of the conference are interactive workshops, talks and interesting discussions, all about the future of the platform. If you know you come around, look particularly forward to the following talk by Nico Gulden, our Product Manager:

“Easy and maintainable ownCloud setups in Active Directory environments”

The talk will be discussing the challenges users see themselves confronted with while using ownCloud with Windows Active Directory evironments. Nico will also be giving advice on how to use UCS to overcome these challenges.

The oCCon2018 takes place from September 18 to 21 in the TH Nürnberg. Get further information on the oCCon2018 homepage. Entrance will be free, only a registration in advance is requested.