This training provides administrators and integrators with the necessary knowledge and skills to install UCS environments and perform basic administration activities.

The focus of this training is on the first steps to install and configure a UCS domain as well as numerous practical exercises to get started with the basic web-based administration of a UCS environment.

Each participant will be provided with a separate test environment for their own exercises for the duration of the training.

Required prior knowledge:

  • Basic knowledge of server-based services
  • elementary experience in the administration of Active Directory or Linux-based directory services and systems
  • working knowledge of the contents of the “UCS Fundamentals” training module

The training content at a glance:

  • Installation of a UCS domain and additional servers
  • Operation of the Univention Management Console (UMC)
  • User, group and computer administration
  • Joining of Windows clients to the domain
  • Configuration of shares
  • Printing services
  • Installation of additional software
  • Updating UCS systems via UMC
  • Use of policies
  • UMC diagnostic module Portal configuration (graphical editor)

Number of participants: max. 8 participants

Duration: 8 hours, from 9.00 to 17.00 incl. a lunch break

Price: 690,- Euro net per participant