Benefits of our Enterprise Subscriptions

Reliable contractual relationship

Customers with enterprise subscriptions are provided with our software within the framework of a commercial contract and us as their reliable partner. With this contract we are liable for the legal and technical properties of our products. In contrast to that we are only liable to users of the UCS Core Edition in case of gross neglicence or wilful intent.


Holders of enterprise subscriptions can choose support services on the basis of different service level agreements as basis, standard, or premium support. We cannot offer support services to users of the Core Edition. These users can only make inquiries via the Univention forum.

Our support is characterized by:

  • Reliable reaction times
  • Unlimited number of support incidents
  • Clearly defined communication pathways
  • Support levels up to a 24/7 support

Up to 7 years of maintenance (LTS)

Enterprise subscriptions offer a maintenance period of up to 7 years for each major release. During this period we will provide security updates for Univention Corporate Server and thus close security gaps promptly. You can always keep your IT system up to date as we publish regular version updates which you can install whenever you like.

Thanks to Univention’s reliable release management, your UCS remains adjustable. And you benefit from the latest developments and features. aswe constantly monitor the open source environment and integrate new and further developments into our products near-term.

The provision of security updates for the Core Edition ends six months after the release of the next major version of UCS.

Hard- and software certifications

Numerous hard and software vendors have certified their products for UCS and thus guarantee a smooth functioning of the combined use.

Professional Services

All Enterprise customers can book our Professional Services in addition if requested. The Professional Services team supports customers and partners in all issues around the configuration, integration, and operation of our products. We also help with the implementation of complex projects and assist you, if required, with a personal Technical Account Manager. Users of the Core Edition cannot refer to our Professional Services team for assistance.

Product liability

As a commercial software vendor we assume responsibility for our products and their components towards our contract partners within the scope of statutory product liability.

Changes and adjustments

Those UCS parts which were developed by Univention are generally licensed under the Affero General Public License version 3. This means that changes of UCS also have to be published under this license provided these changes will be passed on or the changed software will be provided publicly, for example, as a cloud service.

For users of the enterprise subscriptions differing regulations can be applied.

A detailed overview of each single service of the subscription models and the Core Edition can be found at Prices and Subscriptions.