We provide you with the free UCS Core Edition, which is subject to the licensing conditions stated hereinafter. These conditions are accepted with the download or installation. Please observe particularly the limited product liability.

Users of an existing “free for personal use” license, which so far has encompassed only 50 users and clients, can easily change to the UCS Core Edition with a few steps. A detailed instruction can be found in our support database.

Licensing Conditions for The Use of The Core Edition

The Univention Corporate Server (UCS) „Core Edition“ license is a software license for the free use of Univention Corporate Server.

In the scope of this license, UCS can be downloaded, installed and used from our servers.

It is, however, not allowed to extend UCS domains (i.e. groups of UCS systems sharing information on users and systems via a common or replicated database), running UCS systems on the basis of commercial subscription agreements by UCS systems on the basis of the UCS Core Edition license.

It is not allowed to make the software available to third parties to download or use without explicit permission by Univention. Irrespective of this, included software packages with the copyright of third parties can, of course, be passed on or made available for use as long as the respective license allows that. The rights guaranteed by the respective Open Source licenses of third parties are not restricted by this license.

Univention Corporate Server includes an app center that allows to extend the UCS system by further functions, usually via additional software. These functions respectively software packages are provided in part by third parties and in part by Univention and can thus be subject to different licensing conditions. Please inform yourself in the app center or directly at the vendor in question about the conditions that apply to the corresponding functions or program packages.

The granting of the UCS „Core Edition“ occurs in the scope of a gift contract. We thus exclude all warranty and liability claims, except in the case of deliberate intention or gross negligence. We emphasize that the liability, warranty, support and maintenance claims arising from our commercial software contracts do not apply to the UCS “Core Edition” license.

We wish you a lot of happiness using the UCS “Core Edition” license and look forward to receiving your feedback. If you have any questions, please consult our forum, which can be found at: https://help.univention.com/.

Users of the commercial UCS Enterprise Subscriptions receive up to seven years of maintenance and support for each major UCS version. This guarantees lasting, stable operations and allows users to update on the day that fits best their needs. UCS Enterprise Subscriptions are valid for twelve months. After the expiration of this period, the subscription will be automatically extended by another year. If this extension is not wanted, notice of termination must be given at least three months prior to the expiration of the running contract. You might find an overview about prices and benefits of the UCS Enterprise Subscriptions on the page Prices and Subscriptions.

With the conclusion of the contract, the order processing agreement (AVV) of 01.12.2022 also applies automatically, insofar as support services are used and personal data of the client is processed by Univention GmbH. Customers can download the AVV here and add to it at the marked points.

Download order processing agreement (PDF)

UCS Enterprise Subscriptions include

  • Professional support subject to the subscription level
  • Rapid provision of security patches as soon as security issues become apparent
  • Scheduled integration of new versions of Open Source software that is used in Univention products within the scope of determined release cycles
  • Further development of the software components developed by Univention
  • Delivery of new product versions

Extended security maintenance

For customers using UCS Base or Standard Subscription as well as older UCS versions which are not any more covered by the regular maintenance service, we offer an extension of the security update service. This allows those customers to have more time for the planning and execution of the necessary updating process.

For further information on this maintenance extension and prices please contact us.

Licensing conditions of the UCS Enterprise Subscriptions

Univention products such as Univention Corporate Server are a composition of installation software, software packages in binary format, documentation and other copyrighted intellectual property of Univention GmbH (logos, graphics etc.). For commercial use, they must only be circulated via license and maintenance contracts in accordance with the licensing conditions for Univention Corporate Server. The use of software support and maintenance also requires the purchase of a commercial license. The licensing conditions can be found in our General Terms and Conditions.

The free UCS Core Edition runs under a separate license that must be accepted prior to usage.

Naturally, we respect the licensing conditions of the Open Source software packages of other manufacturers that are included in our products and deliver the source code for these packages in accordance with the respective license.

Software categories in Univention products

Software developed by Univention

The source code for the software developed by Univention such as, for example, the UCS management system, is Open Source and is generally provided via the GNU AGPLv3. It can be downloaded from our download server and used free of charge, modified and circulated within the scope of the AGPL licensing. Please note that the installation packages might contain further material like logos from Univention and cannot be further distributed.

Standard Open Source Software

Standard Open Source software, which is included in the Univention products, but was not predominantly or completely developed by Univention such as, for example, the Linux kernel as well as the directory service OpenLDAP and the Samba software, is circulated in accordance with the licensing conditions of the respective Open Source project. The Linux kernel, for example, is subject to the GNU GPL.

Proprietary Software by Other Manufaturers

Proprietary software by other manufacturers such as, for example, the Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is integrated in UCS, is circulated in accordance with the licensing conditions of the respective manufacturer and is clearly identified as proprietary software.