Involvement and contribution

We are glad to receive any kind of contribution like suggestions or transmittals, e.g., in the form of patches, improvements to parts of the documentation, linguistic improvements of translations etc. For an overview of ways to collaborate with us and other interested parties, please visit Community support.

To ensure that modifications and expansions can be integrated into UCS and other Univention products, a written declaration is required that assigns Univention the right to publish and further develop Univention software, including the modifications made by third parties under the AGPL and other licensing conditions. This does not limit the original author’s right to use freely and license such modifications and expansions.

The declaration is requested digitally when you create contributions on Github directly as a “commit”. Alternatively, the declaration can be submitted in paper form.

UCS source code

The source code of the software developed by Univention is provided via the GNU AGPLv3. It can be downloaded from Github and used free of charge, modified and circulated within the scope of the AGPL licensing.