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We have added a new member to our portfolio of product documents: The manual “Univention Corporate Server for Debian and Ubuntu Administrators” is now publicly available. This document has been specially developed to make it easier for people with an administrative background in Debian GNU/Linux and Ubuntu to get started with UCS and to avoid typical pitfalls in system configuration, software administration and domain joining and the resulting follow-up work. In this article, we would like to give you an overview of the idea, making of and contents of this manual.

The Idea Behind the Document

We were inspired to create this document during the Univention Summit in May 2022, when our customer gave a captivating presentation on digital sovereignty in civilian sea rescue (in German), highlighting the challenges of using UCS. Following discussions with various partners and colleagues, recurring pitfalls crystallized for administrators who already had experience with Debian GNU/Linux or Ubuntu when getting started with UCS. The goal was clear: to create a resource that would help administrators overcome these recurring challenges and avoid subsequent costs.

Content Development

The manual was developed in close collaboration with customers and users. Through targeted interviews, we identified pitfalls and linked them to known preventative measures when using UCS. We deliberately focused on the needs and tasks of administrators. External partners were also involved in the revision process to ensure that the manual is practical and helpful.

Main Topics of the Manual

The manual “Univention Corporate Server for Debian and Ubuntu Administrators” focuses on eight principles that help administrators to avoid typical pitfalls.

Some of the key points are listed below:

  • UCS configuration without stumbling blocks: Avoid manual changes to configuration files that are managed in the Univention Configuration Registry, because changes to configuration files are overwritten, for example, during system updates.
  • Correct commands for software management: Use the univention-* commands to make effective use of software administration.
  • Familiarization with the domain concept: Gain insight into the domain concept and ensure a smooth domain join.



Insights into the Manual

We cordially invite you to take a look at the manual and benefit from its proven knowledge.

We hope that this manual will make a valuable contribution to your work with UCS. If you have any questions or suggestions, please use the feedback options in the document.

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