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In previous articles, we have written a lot about our corporate culture and how we communicate it to new colleagues. Now it’s time to let our colleagues have a say. In this article, you will learn what they think about Univention’s corporate culture. What do they find positive or challenging about it?

Johannes – Software Developer

Johannes: Team Development“be open.” is both positive and challenging for me. Positive, for example, because of the open interaction with each other and the fact that you very often get insights into different departments. It can be challenging for me personally because I tend to be more of an introvert and have to work on myself to practice openness at Univention the way I would like to.

Kevin – Head of HR and Finance & Administration

Foto Kevin Head of Finance & HR - UniventionOpenness truly is the central element of Univention’s corporate culture. Since we are an open source software manufacturer and our claim is “be open.” it stands to reason. However, to experience it in this strong form on a daily basis impresses me over and over again.

My impression is that the ambition to become better and better is very present and determines our actions. At times, this can be challenging because we constantly question many things in depth, which can be exhausting. At the same time, it leads us to continuously develop and remain open and curious. In my early days at Univention, I was pleasantly surprised by how often I was asked how certain procedures and processes worked at my previous employers. It underscores the desire for openness and further development.

Employee in the IT Department

The company’s goal of promoting digital sovereignty is not just a slogan but is deeply rooted in Univention’s ideology. Within the company, the hierarchies are flat. Not only do we have the freedom, but we are even encouraged to make changes within the company.

Learning new things, facing new challenges, and managing larger tasks independently, are very important in my department. The colleagues are super helpful, and the team spirit is outstanding.

Carina – Senior HR–Managerin

Senior HR Managerin CarinaTwo things are particularly special to me: Firstly, the culture at Univention is characterized by deep values. Personally, that inspires me and leads to a high level of identification. Secondly, our culture is not just on paper but is actually lived.

That is not something that can be taken for granted, making me all the more enthusiastic about it. I feel it’s a privilege to work in a company where everyone honestly strives for these high ideals and gets better and better together in their day-to-day work.

Nils – Assistant to the CEO

Nils: Assistant to the CEOThe culture at Univention, in which the company’s motto “be open.” is carried out in various ways, is extraordinary for me in several ways: Although recorded in writing in the culture document, it is far more alive than a document can express. Our culture also shows that we are constantly growing in terms of tasks and people – it is also steadily evolving.

At the same time, the elements are so diverse that it is easy to identify with them. Nevertheless, it can be a bit challenging, especially if you know it differently from previous jobs. At least, that’s how I felt at the beginning. But that is also part of the development process, and I can say – it is always worth it.

Tim – IT System Engineer

I greatly appreciate our flat hierarchies. You can easily engage in personal and factual discourse openly and respectfully with superiors without feeling uncomfortable. The motto “be open.” is not just a slogan but is lived by our colleagues.

Bianca – Online Marketing Managerin

Bianca: Online Marketing ManagerinMy team and also the whole company works from various locations. At times, I find that challenging, as direct communication across the table is often faster, and tasks can often be solved much easier this way. However, I think we manage this very well – both in my team and across the company. On the one hand, we have excellent technical facilities. We use chat, telephone, and, of course, our BigBlueButton conference rooms. On the other hand, Univention offers a lot of space for internal exchange. There are regular company meetings, an internal blog, and also an internal wiki.

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