Whether you’re maintaining a personal TODO list, planning your holidays with family or friends, or working in a team on your next revolutionary idea – Kanban boards are a great way to organize tasks, visualize a project’s current state, and become more efficient. They also make it easy to focus and detect potential problems, i.e. bottlenecks in a project or a deadline coming closer. They bring more transparency for all team members and make it possible – if the board is managed well – to take over atasks, if a colleague is absent. And last but not least, it is hard to imagine agile and scrum based projects without them.
There are plenty of Kanban solutions out there, but if you’re looking for an Open Source alternative to Trello, Kanban Tool, Airtable, ClickUp, etc., then check out Wekan . The software is distributed under the MIT license and now available in the Univention App Center – so, it’s easy to integrate in Univention Corporate Server.

Wekan Features – Boards, Cards, Lists, Labels and many more

wekan-logoThe software is available for many different platforms and has been translated to various languages. The GitHub repository contains Docker images, snaps packages for various Linux distributions, and the sources. If you’re looking for a virtual appliance (VirtualBox, VMware, VMware ESX, and KVM), follow the link in our App catalog.
Like other Kanban solution, Wekan offers boards, cards including attachments, lists, swimlanes, labels, comments, WIP limits, an archiving feature and visual helpers like different colors and templates. It’s easy to move the cards to another column or board – either drag a single card or select multiple cards and move them together. Wekan includes a search function and filters that support regular expressions.

Wekan and UCS – Assign Administrator Rights and Domain-wide Access Rights for Users

The Wekan app uses the existing LDAP service in UCS. In the management console you can create an user with domain admin rights and grant access to the Wekan app. That account now has the Admin role in Wekan as well and may access the admin panel in the web UI to manage other user accounts. Users in the domain users group will become standard Wekan users once access is granted.

Unclouding: UCS-Apps as SaaS-Alternative

Following the trend to move as much as possible to the cloud, there are now again conflicting approaches: The “unclouding”, that is the return from the cloud to on-premise solutions on the one hand or the operation of own systems in IaaS environments on the other.  Read about the advantages and disadvantages of these approaches and how you can operate IT services securely and, most importantly, at your own command.

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GDPR-compliant – All Contents and User Data Remain under Own Control

Wekan is fully GDPR-compliant when installed on your own server or in UCS, so it guarantees your digital sovereignity. Thisis a difference to many other Kanban boards. These store data on external servers, so an unauthorized access cannot be excluded.The Open Source Kanban board works even without internet connection, as it doesn’t need to load external HTML, JavaScript, or CSS code from other sites.

Easy Migration – Automatic Export of Data from Trello to Wekan

If you’re already using Trello as Kanban board and are looking for an alternative, you might be happy to hear that it’s possible to export your Trello data and import it in Wekan. (Wekan itself can export data in JSON format.) The developers have announced that future versions will support other Kanban software as well – so stay tuned.

Test Wekan as a ready-to-use appliance from the App Center Catalog:

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