With the new Collabora Online Development Edition (CODE) you can now safely run your online office in the cloud.

The LibreOffice-based solution supports all important document, spreadsheet and presentation file formats that you can integrate into your own infrastructure. Use the advantage of working with CODE to edit office documents together and independently of time and location.

“We are excited to see Collabora Online in the Univention App Center” said Michael Meeks, General Manager at Collabora Productivity. “Univention’s popularity and growth, combined with their easy to use app marketplace, and simple application management provides a great experience.”

Collabora LogoThe app integrates with ownCloud and Nextcloud and needs one of these apps in the UCS environment. Thanks to this integration, your data is always well protected.

CODE is intended for home users and supports the simultaneous editing of up to 10 documents from 20 different connections.

For more information on the solution, please visit the Collabora blog and the Univention App catalog!

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