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Everybody who surfs through the internet knows some sort of rating for products, software, photos, postings, etc. Ratings are present at your favorite online book store, your movie or music streaming provider and on the two biggest and well-known marketplaces for mobile devices. All those rating systems have in common that users can leave comments and give a rating between zero to five. Most people, including me, are influenced by ratings and use them in their buying decision process, sometimes even unconsciously. Now, we have also implemented a rating system in our App Center.

Introducing Ratings to the App Center

With UCS 4.1 app rating was introduced to the App Center. Before UCS 4.1, apps only provided information such as a product description, details about the app provider, and contact details. There was no information on the popularity or other comparable attributes across different apps. Now the App Center offers more information on apps. The data is derived from the app provider, for example, as to numbers about download, installation or maintenance behavior. We want to make this data more visible to our users and the app providers.

With the UCS 4.1 release we initially started with three rating categories which appear on the app’s detail page with the following descriptions.

Example App Rating in App Center









  1. Vendor supported
    The software vendor declared to support the app and to provide
    official support within the scope of its support program. The software
    vendor will also deliver updates and maintenance for the app on a regular basis.
  2. Popularity award
    The app belongs to the most used apps in the Univention App Center.
  3. Editor’s award
    This rating is done by us. It takes into account different criteria such as the integration with the UCS management system, the overall impression and the life cycle management.

We expect that the rating will be very helpful for UCS users and will be considered in their decision process. With the app rating we provide some means for comparison, and we believe it will increase the competition between simular solutions, thereby leading to better apps, for example, as to the integration in UCS and maintenance service.

What’s next?

We plan to make those ratings also visible on the overview page and allow to filter for them. We also keep thinking about the introduction of more categories with the goal to increase transparency and help users find the right app for their needs.

What kind of ratings would you consider helpful? Please let us know via a comment.

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Nico Gulden studied applied computer science and works for Univention since 2010. He is responsible for the Product Management and the relationship management of the App vendors in the Univention App Center. His spare time is dedicated to his family, reading, outdoor activities light photography, Geocaching and mapping for the OpenStreetMap project.

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