It is now 20 years since we founded Univention. Our mission was and still is to establish open source technologies as the basis for digital sovereignty in the world. This year we celebrate our anniversary and take a look at important milestones of the last 20 years. This year we are celebrating our anniversary and take a look at important milestones of the last 20 years.

  • 2022

    With KOLIBRI, we are developing a prototype for a national education platform in a consortium with Bechtle and other partners.

  • At our Public Sector Event, 150 people listen to presentations on the sovereign IT workplace for public administration and discuss opportunities for more digital sovereignty in round tables.

  • We grow to over 100 employees.

  • 2021

    Due to Corona, the Univention Summit is held purely virtually for the first time – with great success.

  • Our office in Bremen has a new look.

  • UCS 5 is released.

  • 2020

    With Bechtle, the Fraunhofer Institute, and Capgemini, we won the Phoenix tender and started its development.

  • Corona boosts our school projects, and the number of UCS@school users jumps to over one million.

  • We grow to around 60 colleagues.

  • 2019

    Another location with office in Leipzig is opened and provides a home base for the local colleagues.

  • 2018

    261 schools in Cologne use UCS@school for identity management of all users and can now use it to log in to various IT services such as Microsoft 365.

  • UCS Open ID Connect Provider is published in the App Center and enables administrators to connect numerous applications to UCS via single sign-on for user authentication.OpenID Connect Provider-01-01

  • Clear the way for Ubuntu users: With the release of Univention Domain Join Assistant, Ubuntu machines can now be managed in a UCS domain.

  • 2017

    The idea for a central mediation service for uniform authentication at a wide variety of educational services is born, thus laying the foundation for the UCS ID Broker.

  • UCS gets a portal page where users can log in via single sign-on and easily access all services.UCS 4.2 Portal

  • Our development department is switching from SVN to Git to collaborate on UCS code.

  • 2016

    The French telecom service provider Orange S.A. has become Univention’s largest customer to date, and UCS now manages over 30 million user accounts.

    To the reference of Orange

    Orange Logo

  • Connectors for authentication to Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) and Microsoft Office release in the App Center.

  • With UCS 4.1-4, the first version of our software is available in French, and Univention Corporate Client (UCC) 3.0 is based on Ubuntu from now on.

  • 2015

    The UCS Core Edition is released.

  • A lot is happening: with UCS 4.1 comes Self Services for a password reset, Docker and SSO, and UCS is now available in the Amazon App Service.

  • 2014

    Alliance for an open cloud: IBM, Univention, and other partners present the Open Cloud Alliance.

  • UCS 4.0 and Active Directory Takeover are released.

  • 2013

    We grow: Foundation of our office in the USA

  • Univention Corporate Client (UCC) is released.

    Univention UCC Logo

  • With the integration of SAML in UCS, there is now the technical component for single sign-on to different services.

  • 2012

    We launch our new claim, “be open.” From now on, this characterizes our product and forms the basis of our corporate culture.

    Univention Logo

  • We celebrate our 10th anniversary.

    Univention wird 10 Jahre alt: Torte

  • We grow: Foundation of our office in Berlin.

  • The Univention App Center is launched.

  • UCS is released for the first time as a Small Business Server on DVD.

  • 2011

    The first UCS@school user meeting takes place in Worpswede.

  • UCS 3.0 is released.

  • 2010

    The first Univention Summit takes place.

    Der erste Univention Summit

  • Mark Shuttleworth – founder of the Ubuntu project – presents at our exhibition stand during the Berlin Linuxtage.

  • 2009

    Univention conquers the Zugspitze at the SEP Partner Summit.

    Univention auf dem Partner Summit von SEP

  • UCS@school releases as an extension for UCS.

  • 2007

    Our development department switches from CVS (Concurrent Versions Systems) to SVN (Subversion).

  • UCS 2.0 is released.

  • 2006

    We are at CeBIT for the first time.

  • The Federal Office for Radiation Protection relies on UCS.

    Bundesamt fuer Strahlenschutz logo

  • We move into our offices on Mary-Somerville-Strasse in Bremen.

    Foto: Hauptsitz Univention Bremen

  • 2005

    The Univention Forum goes online.

  • The Bundestag switches from Windows to Linux – This time successfully by the company Computacenter and under the guidance of Univention.

  • 2004

    Early marketing success: We win an injunction against the SCO Group.

  • Mitsubishi Financing Bank becomes a long-term customer.

  • Univention goes Bundestag.

  • The websites and .com go online.

    Website Launch 2004

  • Cord Martens, Ingo Steuwer, and Stephan Luft become part of the team.

  • Univention products become 100% open source, and you can download UCS for the first time.

  • 2003

    The Univention brand sees the light of day.

  • The Oldenburgische Landesbank becomes a long-standing and still loyal customer.

  • Implementation of our LDAP replication mechanism Listener & Notifier.

  • Univention Desktop Server (UDS) becomes Univention Corporate Server (UCS). The first version, UCS 1.0, was released in December.

  • 2002

    The first big projects for Univention: Federal Cartel Office and Bremen School Administration become customers.

  • Univention begins to grow: Stefan Gohmann becomes the first permanent employee.

  • 2001

    Univention launches.

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Gemeinsam haben wir Univention zu dem gemacht, was es heute ist. Ein Ort, an dem Offenheit, gegenseitige Unterstützung und Open Source mit ganzem Herzen gelebt wird. Auf dieser Basis werden wir die Zukunft von Univention gemeinsam weiter bauen. Wir sind gespannt, was die nächsten 20 Jahre bringen werden!

Peter Ganten, CEO Univention

Peter Ganten
CEO Univention

20 Jahre Univention, der Wahnsinn! Happy Birthday und auf 20 weitere erfolgreiche und spannende Jahre 🙂

Sandra Engelhardt, Inside Sales Managerin

Sandra Engelhardt
Univention, Inside Sales Managerin

Wow, Univention ist 20 Jahre alt/jung! Oder 7300 Tage. Oder 175200 Stunden. Das ist eine besondere Leistung und ein besonderer Meilenstein. Ich bin beeindruckt von der kontinuierlichen Weiterentwicklung des Unternehmens und vor allem der Personen, die sehr lange im Unternehmen sind, die Entwicklung der Unternehmenskultur und das ganz besondere Miteinander, das wir hier pflegen.

Kevin Fischbach, Head of Finance & HR

Kevin Fischbach
Univention, Head of Finance & HR

Univention ist bald 20 Jahre alt, aber immer noch voll Schwung und Elan ;). In diesem Sinne auf die nächsten 20 Jahre!

Robert Heyer, Software Consultant

Robert Heyer
Univention, Software Consultant

In Vorstellungsrunden sage ich gerne, dass ich zum „Inventar von Univention“ gehöre. Die allermeisten der 20 Jahre konnte ich dabei sein, konnte ich mit anpacken, mitgestalten oder einfach nur begleiten. Univention und insbesondere Peter hat dazu beigetragen Open Source in Deutschland bekannter und professioneller zu machen. Meine Glückwünsche und mein Dank gehen an alle – und insbesondere an Peter, der wie kein anderer die Ziele und Vision von Univention vorantreibt und realisiert.

Ingo Steuwer, VP Platform and Technology

Ingo Steuwer
VP Platform and Technology
  • Geburtstagstorte zum 20-jährigen Jubiläum von Univention
  • Jubiläum Univention: Peter Ganten
  • Willkommen bei Univention: 20 Jahre

Investments in the future – for us and everyone

Adoptierter Pinguiun Norbert aus Südafrika

An extraordinary kind of team growth

Our anniversary should not be an end in itself. We want to give something back. Therefore, we have decided to expand our team. Since February, Norbert, an African penguin, has been an official member of our team, and we are delighted to welcome him.

Norbert is a permanent resident of the Home Pen at SANCCOB in Cape Town, South Africa. He was an abandoned hatchling and could not survive in the wild. At SANCCOB, he got a second chance to live with other seabirds who could not cope in the wild.

20 trees for 20 years of Univention

Sustainability has a high priority for us. Therefore, on the occasion of our 20th anniversary, we are taking over the sponsorship of 20 new trees that will grow in Lüdenscheid (North Rhine-Westphalia). In doing so, we want to make an important contribution to CO2 reduction – for a sustainable world fit for the future.

Baumpatenschaft zum 20-jährigen Jubiläum

We have achieved a lot in the last 20 years. But we are nowhere near the end. We want to change the future IT and further advance Digital Sovereignty sustainably. We can only do this together: so take the opportunity to get to know us better and become part of the Univention team..