Become a UCS Ambassador and earn amazing Rewards

You use UCS and are thrilled about it? Then why not share your enthusiasm with the IT world? Not only will you help to make UCS more popular, but as a Univention Ambassador you can also collect bonus points and exchange them for great rewards. From a “be open.” bag to an invitation to our next Univention Summit.

UCS Ambassador Logo

The Rewards

Univention bag “be open.”

Univention tablet bag “be open.”

Donation to the Debian Project

Invitation to the Univention Summit

Every be open. bag is a handmade unique specimen and was in its previous life a Univention flag or a fair banner*.

Every be open. tablet bag is a handmade unique specimen and originally was supposed to become an awning. You can even get the bag in different colours*

Univention donates in your name 1 Dollar per bonus point to the Debian project. An exchange of the points into a donation is possible from 50 points.

We not only invite you to the Univention Summit, but also cover your travel costs within Germany and the costs for your hotel accommodation.

* All of our bags were produced from recycled materials in cooperation with the non-profit organisation Upsign. Upsign takes care of long-term unemployed women with a migrational background and supports their reintegration into the labour market.

Where can I post comments and reviews?

Feel free to post comments, tutorials or reviews about UCS on all forums, blogs and portals you know. We’ ve collected some suggestions for you here, some of which already have entries about UCS that you can comment on:

How do I collect points?

Write a comment, review or tutorial or make a clip about UCS and its many applications and post it in a public forum, blog, YouTube or portal. Then simply take a screenshot or a picture of your post and send it to us using the form to the right or by e-mail to

You collect 3 points for each comment you make. For each review or tutorial you get 15 points. As soon as you have enough points, we will contact you and you can either redeem your bonus points for a bonus or continue collecting points.

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