With its SAML app, Univention has now released a single sign-on solution for web applications

Manage log-in data for different cloud services securely and centrally

With the SAML app in the Univention App Center, the software manufacturer Univention has now developed a single sign-on solution for logging on to different important cloud services. The application makes it possible to store user names and passwords internally and maintain them. In this way, companies can provide their employees with access to web services such as Dropbox, Salesforce or Google Apps without the employees having to register personally and log on afresh every time, as the central access can be performed via the infrastructure solution Univention Corporate Server (UCS), in which SAML can be easily integrated.

Univention Corporate Server available in openSUSE Build Service

Convenient creation of apps for UCS

Software producers who use the online build platform openSUSE Build Service for the automatic creation of installation packages for various Linux distributions can now also use it for packages for Univention Corporate Server. These packages can then be made available for installation via the App Center integrated in Univention Corporate Server.

DFKI and Univention develop selective replication mechanisms for LDAP multimaster servers

Research results on safer user management for cloud applications presented

Nowadays, operating IT infrastructures without cloud computing is barely imaginable. At the same time, however, many IT decision makers are hesitant to store sensitive corporate information on the cloud. They prefer to separate confidential data which should remain in the company and data which can be stored on the cloud. These types of hybrid cloud scenarios can only be operated cost-effectively if there is efficient and at the same time secure data matching between the local and cloud-based components. The research and development of the necessary algorithms was performed in cooperation in the scope of the SATCloud project by the employees of the “Cyber-Physical Systems” research department of the German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) and developers at the Bremen-based software producer Univention. The aim of the project is to develop a pilot based on Univention Corporate Server by the middle of next year, which allows selective data matching of LDAP directories between multimaster servers.

Central IT administration for the nine sites of the Federal Office for Radiation Protection

Samba 4 as a bridging technology between the Microsoft Windows and the Open Source worlds

With the integration of Samba 4, the infrastructure solution Univention Corporate Server makes it possible for us to fuse the proprietary Windows world efficiently with the free Linux world at the Federal Office for Radiation Protection. In this way, the federal office benefits from both worlds at the same time and its demands on high availability, stability, simple administration and georedundancy are completely satisfied according to its head of IT.

CeBIT 2013: Large Interest in MS Small Business Server Replacement

Test integrated enterprise solutions from Univention and Zarafa at the CeBIT

According to Univention, there is ongoing interest in the combination of the Univention Corporate Server and the Open Source groupware Zarafa as an alternative for Windows servers. Since December, the software producer already reports more than 6500 downloads of its infrastructure solution UCS, which is equipped with Active-Directory compatible services, mostly in Germany. Zarafa’s Open Source groupware and collaboration software, which can be compared to Microsoft Exchange, can be installed in UCS with just a few clicks. Visitors can get to know this combination on Univention’s CeBIT booth E16 in hall 6, on which Zarafa is also represented.