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Bacula Enterprise Edition new in Univention App Center

Integrate the network enterprise backup solution Bacula Enterprise Edition in heterogeneous IT environments with just a few clicks

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Univention releases UCS 3.2-3 with a whole host of innovations

Improved integration in Active Directory domains

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Univention App Center ecosystem expands with new integrated turnkey Enterprise applications

Often complicated, complex Enterprise apps now inexpensive, simple to install and maintain

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Mailserver protection by Kaspersky integrated in the Univention App Center

bitbone AG develops a Kaspersky app especially for Univention Corporate Server

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Dokuwiki, Wordpress and Subversion in the Univention App Center

IT service provider 7iSolutions bundles Open Source solutions for UCS

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ownCloud with it25 support in Univention App Center

Private cloud solution with attractive introductory price for SMEs

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Introducing the new paedML® Linux version 6.0

New complete package for IT in schools from Baden-Württemberg based on UCS @school

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Software Deployment Solution for Univention Corporate Server

Mandriva Pulse new in Univention App Center

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Univention Delivers Open, Flexible IT Infrastructure Management to US Customers

Low Cost Alternative to Proprietary Corporate Servers Available Now

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Major update for Univention's client operating system

Univention Corporate Client 2.0 with easy configuration and RDP terminal services

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OX Text new in the Univention App Center

Install office software from Open-Xchange with just a few clicks

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Management of virtual private networks with Univention Corporate Server

New app for VPN management available in the Univention App Center

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CeBIT premiere: Univention App Center becomes a marketplace for business IT

Suppliers can now also offer corporate solutions for sale in the Univention App Center

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New operating mode makes UCS the ideal expansion for Microsoft environments

CeBIT 2014: Univention AD-Takeover simplifies migration from Active Directory domains

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Trends and sales opportunities in business IT

Univention Summit 2014: Paradigm shift and perspectives for the open cloud

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New release of enterprise server UCS launched

Univention Corporate Server 3.2 with improved user guidance and compatibility

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Install secure user login simply from the Univention App Center with a click of the mouse

LSE LinOTP offers two-factor authentication for Univention Corporate Server

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With its SAML app, Univention has now released a single sign-on solution for web applications

Manage log-in data for different cloud services securely and centrally

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Univention Corporate Server available in openSUSE Build Service

Convenient creation of apps for UCS

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DFKI and Univention develop selective replication mechanisms for LDAP multimaster servers

Research results on safer user management for cloud applications presented

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Central IT administration for the nine sites of the Federal Office for Radiation Protection

Samba 4 as a bridging technology between the Microsoft Windows and the Open Source worlds

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OX App Suite now also available for Univention Corporate Server

Integrated solution comprising Univention’s infrastructure solution UCS and Open-Xchange’s collaboration software OX App Suite is installed with just a few clicks

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CeBIT 2013: Large Interest in MS Small Business Server Replacement

Test integrated enterprise solutions from Univention and Zarafa at the CeBIT

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CeBIT 2013: Univention Corporate Client for desktops, notebooks and thin clients

Univention publishes new client system with central management

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CeBIT Open Source: flexible solution for the corporate IT of tomorrow

Univention ensures simple administration of Windows, Linux, cloud and apps

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Univention at the CeBIT with seven partners and LibreOffice

CeBIT: Try out flexible server alternatives with a wide range of business applications live

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Release 3.1 of Univention Corporate Server published

Windows Server alternative now with App Center

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Univention Corporate Server 3.1 release candidate published

Multifaceted management platform simplifies work for IT administrators

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Price explosion due to end of Microsoft Small Business Server

Microsoft Server 2012: Interest in alternatives grows among dealers and customers

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Groupware manufacturer Zarafa releases VMware groupware appliance based on Univention Corporate Server 3.0

Zarafa groupware server with UCS free for download and testing

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Univention Corporate Server 3.0-2 launched

A wealth of improvements for the management system, Samba 4 and cloud appliances

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Univention’s new desktop strategy

End for Univention Corporate Desktop, Ubuntu support via Univention Corporate Server

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Open-Xchange Adds Support for Univention Corporate Server 3.0

Enables educational institutions, public administrations and small and medium-sized businesses to move on-premise deployments easily to the cloud

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ASDIS SWM Software Management now certified for Univention Corporate Server (UCS)

The software manufacturer ASDIS becomes technology partner of Univention

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LinuxTag 2012: IT under control with Open Source Software

Univention exhibits IT management for companies, institutions and schools

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Univention expertise can now be certified in English

LPI certificate 'Univention Certified Professional' extensively revised

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Cloud solution for domain management and operation

Univention Corporate Server now available on the Amazon cloud

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CeBIT: Zarafa and Univention Bring Tested and Quality Checked Zarafa4UCS To Market

Even enabling connections of existing Active Directories with Cloud-based Zarafa setups

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Partnership Brings Secure, Integrated File Synch and Share to Univention

Integration of ownCloud and Univention Corporate Server Directory Service to be previewed at CeBIT 2012

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CeBIT 2012: Experience integrated IT management solutions for virtualization and cloud computing live

Univention demonstrates Active Directory alternative for the cloud

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