Open Source engagement

Memberships and sponsorships

Sponsorship for university graduates: Univention Absolventen Preis

Since 2008, Univention has awarded the Univention graduate prize in the total sum of € 3,500 every year within the scope of the LinuxTag. The prize is awarded in German-speaking countries (D-A-CH) for theses which offer a considerable contribution to the distribution of Open Source software in the professional environment.

Open Source Business Alliance (previously LiSoG and LIVE Linux Verband)

In March 2005, IT providers, IT users and academic partners joined forces in order to establish the increased employment of Linux and Open Source software in companies. The Open Source Business Alliance initiates projects concerning current, market-relevant Open Source issues, in which members and interested parties work together to develop solutions. In addition, the OSB Alliance also offers a networking platform for projects, partners and interested parties.

Swiss Open Systems User Group (/ch/open)

The independent association Swiss Open Systems User Group (/ch/open) was founded as early as 1982 with the vision of promoting the use of open systems. The focus at that time was on the dissemination of expertise in the UNIX environment. Today it is primarily viewed as a promoter of the use of free and open systems and standards.

Open Invention Network (OIN)

The aim of the Open Invention Network industry consortium is to create a collection of patents, which are only available to such companies and persons who undertake not to enforce their own patent rights against Linux and associated other developments. Members of the OIN can then use patented Linux-relevant technologies without paying licence fees. As many of the patents held by the OIN are of fundamental importance to the IT industry, this patent collection reduces the possibility of implementing legal proceedings against Linux.

Free Software Foundation Europe

The Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) is a non-profit-making organization dedicated to free software. Its aim to promote cooperation across cultural borders and develop a common culture of cooperation from regional up to global level. With the free software community growing faster every day, it is becoming ever more important to keep the vision of free software healthy, stable and alive.


The Debconf (Debian Conference) is an annual conference at which the developers of the Debian operating system come together to discuss the further development of the system. In addition to speeches and workshops, the so-called Debcamp is held prior to the actual Debconf, giving the Debian developers and Debian teams the chance to meet and work on projects together.

The Chemnitz Linux Days

The Chemnitz Linux Days is an event for one and all concerning all aspects of the topic of Linux and Open Source. Different contributions are on offer in the form of presentations, workshops and forums. In addition, there are also many different stands offering a wealth of information.

Freies Office Deutschland e.V.

Founded in 2004 by community members for the legal safeguarding and financial support of the project, the association is now an established contact partner for all needs concerning free office software with its over 160 members. In addition to participation in numerous trade fairs and congresses, it also hosts a number of its own events for community and business users and brings everything under one roof for all users, interested parties and “makers” of free software. In addition to LibreOffice, which is looked after by the Document Foundation, this also includes all other office programs which are available as free software and based on open document formats.