Univention publishes UCS Desktop Virtualization Services (UCS DVS)

Open Source desktop virtualization with web-based management and thin client integration

Today, Univention is releasing UCS Desktop Virtualization Services (UCS DVS), a software solution for the operation and management of virtualized Windows and Linux desktops. With this latest addition, the Open Source software manufacturer is expanding its client and visualization range with another important module for the efficient provision of IT workstations in companies and institutions, which combines the advantages of traditional PCs with the advantages of thin clients and central desktop provision.

Bremen, 27.06.2011
The product innovation released by Univention today, UCS Desktop Virtualization Services (UCS DVS), is a software product for the provision and centrally controlled management of virtualized Windows and Linux desktops. Desktop systems visualized on the server-side can be operated simply with UCS DVS via an integral, web-based administration interface and can be assigned to individual users, for example.

UCS DVS: Open Source desktop virtualization for companies and institutions

Desktop virtualization is seen manufacture-independently as one of the most important technologies for the improvement of safety, efficiency and flexibility in the provision of IT workstations in organisations. At the same time, desktop visualization represents an important contribution to green IT thanks to the improved possibilities for the application of thin clients. However, up until now, there was still a lack of Open Source solutions for desktop visualization which are flexible and cost-effective, but still reliable and easy to administrate.

UCS and UCS DVS: Central, simple administration of virtualized desktops

UCS DVS fills this gap: on the basis of the existing infrastructure solution Univention Corporate Server (UCS), the Open Source solution allows the creation and administration of virtualized server and desktop systems and the fully automatic provision and assignment of Windows or Linux desktops. At the same time, the complete administration is performed via the web-based UCS
administration tools. In addition, UCS DVS includes the administration of the virtualized desktops with optimised utilisation and their practical distribution on virtualization servers in a cluster as well as the fully automatic creation of desktops from templates. UCS DVS also includes "UCS Thin Client Services" and thus combines technologies for the administration and operation of thin clients and virtualized desktops in one product and one administration interface.

"Desktop virtualization will become the standard for the provision of workstation environments in many organisations in the future", commented Peter Ganten, Managing Director of Univention, on the new product and added, "However, many organisations run the risk when introducing desktop virtualization of procuring additional, expensive, proprietary products, which tend to restrict the flexibility of the organisation's IT in the mid-term. With UCS DVS, Univention is offering a real way out, namely the possibility to exploit the advantages of desktop virtualization and thin client computing and at the same
time to rely on tried-and-tested, cost-effective Open Source software. At the same time, Univention takes on the responsibility for the correct functioning, maintenance and support of the solution."

Prices and availability of UCS Desktop Virtualization Services (UCS DVS)

UCS Desktop Virtualization Services is an additional product for the complete infrastructure solution Univention Corporate Server (UCS). UCS DVS includes UCS Thin Client Services (UCS TCS), which allows the operation and administration of thin clients from different manufacturers together with virtualized desktops via one integral system. UCS DVS also includes the desktop operating system Univention Corporate Desktop (UCD), which can be used as an alternative to Microsoft Windows as a desktop operating system in UCS DVS.

UCS Desktop Virtualization Services is available at graduated prices and costs between €38 and €52 per client for the first year. The maintenance and support costs in the following year range from €15 to €21 per client.

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About Univention
Univention is a leading European provider of Open Source products for the cost-efficient operation and effective administration of IT infrastructures. At the heart of our offer is the Linux infrastructure solution Univention Corporate Server (UCS). UCS is a modern enterprise Linux distribution with an integrated Open Source solution for identity and infrastructure management, which makes efficient, centrally controlled administration possible even in challenging environments. The core product UCS is complemented with, among other things, products building on it for the cross-platform administration of thin clients,
an Open Source desktop for professional users and an integrated server and desktop virtualization solution. Thanks to the supplied connectors, the products are ideal for use with for example the Microsoft Active Directory, integrate perfectly in existing infrastructures and allow simple migration. An increasing number of software manufacturers, including the groupware manufacturers Open-Xchange and Zarafa and the ECM manufacturers Agorum and O3Spaces, offer optimised packages for operation with UCS, which can be integrated in the UCS management system among other things. UCS is thus the Open Source integration platform for IT infrastructure operation and management.

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