Software manufacturers showed high interest in the Univention App Center

The invitation to the first expert talk about the Univention App Center was a complete success. Seven Open Source manufacturers were invited to receive information on the possibilities and requirements of the App Center which has been integrated in UCS by the beginning of this year.

The high visibility and fast deployment of the solutions via the App Center were two features which had very much impressed the participants. They realized that Univention Corporate Server is the ideal base for users wanting to test and operate their solutions easily. During the workshop, some of the manufacturers already announced the soon implementation of their solutions in the Univention App Center.

This will mean for all UCS users that they can look forward to a constantly growing pool of apps in the Univention App Center within the next months providing them with the opportunity to easily extend their IT with further adequate solutions.

An overview of all the applications in the Univention App Center can be found at the app catalogue of the App Center.