New UCS version 3.1-1 available now!

With a range of new optimisations for improved user-friendliness in the web-based UCS management system

In addition to a comprehensive update of the Debian base, a Samba4 update, the new UCS version 3.1-1 also includes a number of improvements to the user-friendliness of the AJAX-based UCS management system. What’s more, the test versions of UCS – in addition to the standard VMware image – can now also be downloaded as a VirtualBox image.

The most important new features at a glance:

  • Comrehensive improvements in Univention App Center
  • Extensive improvements concerning the usability of the UCS management system on mobile devices like tablets
  • A new feedback button in the UCS management system allows users to send feedback on the web-based user interface to Univention directly with just a click of the mouse.
  • An update of the Debian base of UCS to the Debian 6.0.7 Point Update. In some sections (Xen, Qemu, Linux kernel and OpenLDAP) UCS is more up to date than Debian Squeeze and already employs the fixes supplied in Debian 6.0.7.
  • Update to Samba 4.0.3, the latest upstream version – UCS 3.1-1 now includes the latest innovations directly from the Samba project.
  • UCS can be simply used as a virtual machine in, for example, VMware or VirtualBox via an image.
  • A Linux kernel update to Version 3.2.39
  • New documentation on the mounting of iSCSI storage systems and their use as storage areas under UCS Virtual Machine Manager (UVMM)
  • New module in the UCS management system for viewing the configuration of bridges, VLANs and bonding

Detailed technical information can be found in the forum and in the release notes. UCS 3.1-1 as a VMware or VirtualBox image is available to download as a free test version in our download section.