CeBIT 2013: Large interest in replacement for Microsoft's Small Business Server

Testing integrated enterprise solutions from Univention and Zarafa at CeBIT

There is still a great deal of interest in the combination of the Windows server alternative Univention Corporate Sever (UCS) and the groupware Zarafa. Since December, we have already reported more than 6,500 downloads of our infrastructure solution UCS which is equipped with Active Directory-compatible services. Zarafa, the Open Source groupware and collaboration software, which can be compared to Microsoft Exchange, can be installed in UCS with just a few clicks. Visitors can get to know this combination on our CeBIT booth E16 in Hall 6 on which Zarafa is co-exhibiting.

At CeBIT, opening its gates from Tuesday till Saturday, we and the groupware manufacturer Zarafa will be showing how companies can easily use Univention Corporate Server (UCS) and Zarafa as the alternative to Microsoft's Small Business Server (SBS).

UCS is providing all former SBS customers with all the required functions for the operation, integration and administration of IT infrastructures and server services. Since the product includes the Active Directory domain services important for the operation of Windows PCs, you can operate computers running under Microsoft Windows with UCS as easily as with Microsoft products.

The groupware Zarafa can be installed in UCS with a few mouse clicks via the Univention App Center. The simple installation as an app and the integration in the Univention management system reduces the time until the first login to the Zarafa system and the first e-mail has been sent considerably. Especially - but not exclusively - administrators of Small Business systems appreciate this simple integration covering all services an MS Small Business Server usually includes.

Visitors of CeBIT, the world’s largest IT fair, taking place from 5th - 9th March in Hanover, Germany, are welcome to enjoy a full demonstration of this combination on the Univention booth E16 in Hall 6. Univention provides interested people with tickets. Please use our contact form at: http://www.univention.de/en/univention/dates/cebit-2013/ to be provided with them. Visitors interested in scheduling an appointment with Zarafa, can use their contact form at: http://www.zarafa.com/content/schedule-meeting-cebit-2013.

Free test versions of UCS can be found ready for download on our website at: