OX App Suite now also available for Univention Corporate Server

Integrated solution comprising Univention’s infrastructure solution UCS and Open-Xchange’s collaboration software OX App Suite is installed with just a few clicks

Bremen, Nuremberg, 20th June 2013 – The new communication and collaboration software OX App Suite from Open-Xchange is now available in a specially adapted version for Univention’s infrastructure solution Univention Corporate Server (UCS) 3.1. In the Univention App Center, the OX App Suite can be installed with just a few clicks – and is immediately integrated in the central user and service administration of UCS.

The new OX App Suite now available in the Univention App Center is a browser-based desktop which provides users with consistent data and a universal user experience on almost every end device. In addition to the portal, which offers the user an overview of all his activities after login, OX App Suite offers integrated apps for the editing of e-mails, contacts and appointments, which can be updated in real time using information from social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, XING and Twitter. The OX App Suite is complemented by an app for managing image, audio, video and Office files. Using the Open-Xchange mobility solutions, it is also possible to synchronise e-mails, files, tasks, contacts and calendar entries automatically with tablets, iOS, Android and Windows Phone smartphones.

Ideal for heterogeneous environments and the central administration of IT infrastructures with servers at several sites

Thanks to this integration, the OX App Suite is particularly suitable as an expansion for companies and educational institutions already using UCS, as the users of OX App Suite are efficiently managed in the web interface of UCS.

“Univention Corporate Server is the operating system platform that we recommend for companies, authorities and educational institutions who want to run the OX App Suite in their own administration – be it in an internal computer centre or on a private cloud offered by a service provider”, explained Rafael Laguna, CEO of Open-Xchange.

“The combination of UCS and Open-Xchange can be used as a physical or virtual appliance on-site or on the cloud, encompasses numerous infrastructure services and can be integrated in existing environments such as LDAP or Microsoft’s Active Directory”, added Univention managing director, Peter Ganten. “Open-Xchange satisfies the requirements of a wide range of customers, which is why it is very exciting to work with Open-Xchange as one of the most visionary and experienced manufacturers of service and cloud providers.”

As it is also possible to administrate a number of servers at different sites centrally, UCS is also suitable for the migration of internal Open-Xchange installations from the company to private clouds or changing from one cloud provider to another. In this way, UCS ensures that organisations retain full control of their IT if they use cloud-based services.

Test version is ready for use with just a few clicks of the mouse

Interested parties can find a free installation image of Univention Corporate Server 3.1 at: www.univention.de/en/products/ucs/app-catalogue/app/details/oxseforucs. Univention App Center can then be used to install an OX App Suite for up to five users in just a few steps.

Further information:
Factsheet for OX App Suite: http://knowledgebase.open-xchange.com/sales-marketing/ox-app-suite/data-sheets/ox-app-suite-data-sheet.html
Download OX App Suite in Univention App Center: http://www.univention.de/en/products/ucs/app-catalogue/app/details/oxseforucs
Information on Univention App Center: http://www.univention.de/en/products/ucs/ucs-components/app-center/

About Univention
Univention is a leading European provider of Open Source products for the cost-efficient operation and effective administration of IT infrastructures. At the heart of our offer is the Linux infrastructure solution Univention Corporate Server (UCS). UCS is a modern enterprise Linux distribution with an integrated Open Source solution for identity and infrastructure management, which makes efficient, centrally controlled administration possible even in challenging environments. The core product UCS is complemented with, among other things, products building on it for the cross-platform administration of thin clients, support of Linux desktops and an integrated virtualization solution. Thanks to the supplied connectors, the products are ideal for use with, for example, Microsoft’s Active Directory, integrate perfectly in existing infrastructures and allow simple migration. A large number of software producers offer optimised packages for operation with UCS, which can be integrated in the UCS management system among other things. UCS is thus the Open Source integration platform for IT infrastructure operation and management.

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About Open-Xchange
Open-Xchange has been offering innovative and cost-effective, Open Source-based collaboration software for over a decade. The company is a pioneer in the software-as-a-service (SaaS) field and distributes its software via cloud service providers, hosting and telecommunication providers as well as system integrators. Open-Xchange develops at the sites in Olpe and Nuremberg in Germany and is represented in the USA in San Jose and Ardsley-on-Hudson, New York. Further information available at www.open-xchange.de

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