Release Candidate Univention Corporate Server 3.1 published

Multifaceted management platform simplifies work for IT administrators

From now on, the release candidate of Univention Corporate Server (UCS) is available.

With UCS 3.1 IT administrators can select, install and operate UCS-certified applications via the new component "Univention App Center. With this new component it is possible to install certified third-party products such as groupware, document management or backup solutions with a mouse click on UCS as the management platform. In doing so, administrators can easily integrate further applications in existing IT environments and connect to existing user and rights management.

New tool for a simplified migration of Active Directory to Samba 4

The release candidate includes a new, special tool for a simplified migration of Active Diretory to Samba 4. This tool automatically adopts the data, among other things the user and computer objects as well as group policies from an AD environment, and transfers them to the Samba directory service in UCS. By this, administrators can easily replace an existing AD directory by UCS without the need to remount Microsoft Windows clients in the domain. This simplifies the migration considerably.

Improved user guidance and support of latest hardware

The user interface of the UCS management system for the user and domain management has been optimised for administrators in terms of its user-friendliness. Besides, improvements to the performance and memory use of the management system in the web browser have been realised. Individual management modules can now be selected as favourites to personalise the UCS management tools.

In addition, UCS 3.1 has been updated to the kernel version 2.2.30 and it supports the BIOS successor UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface), which is a component of newer hardware.

Download and test the UCS 3.1 release candidate

The preliminary version is aimed at partners, technology partners and customers who want to test the new minor release. The release candidate can be downloaded as a DVD ISO image. There is currently no update DVD available. Parties interested in testing the release candidate can find instructions in the
Univention Wiki at:
The installed system is then configured in such a way that package updates can be procured from http://testing.univention.de and the development of UCS 3.1 can be followed.

Further information
Webcast with live demonstration for presenting UCS 3.1:
Date: 23rd November 2012, 10 a.m.
Access: https://eu42.spreed.com/checkin/jc/730726227?set_language=en

Information on download and testing:

Testers can pose questions concerning the release candidate in the Univention

Detailed technical information on UCS 3.1 can be found in the Univention forum: