Univention Corporate Server 3.0-2 released

Numerous improvements for management system, Samba 4 and cloud appliances

The second maintenance release to UCS 3 contains more than 350 bug fixes and improvements, in particular with reference to the web interface, the Active Directory domain controller functions provided with Samba 4 and deployment as a physical or cloud-based appliance. Furthermore, UCS 3.0-2 integrates all previously released errata updates and the updates included in Debian 6.0.5. New is, among other things, the official support for Ubuntu clients and the integration of external DHCP servers in the management system.

Innovations concern the setup in appliance mode and the official support of Ubuntu as a client system. Improvements are particularly in the field of the integrated Active Directory domain controller on the basis of Samba 4 and the grahical user interface.

The setup of UCS-based appliances has been substantially facilitated: Users can now set up UCS appliances completely browser-based with the assistance of a wizard. Direct interaction with the system, for example via SSH, is now superfluous. Furthermore, appliance manufacturer can now simply select  the dialogues appearing during setup. Thus, the time required for the setup is reduced considerably. In addition, UCS 3.0-2 can also adopt network settings assigned by an external DHCP server in the management system automatically. This simplifies substantially the setup in virtualization and cloud environments without a virtual, private network.

UCS 3.0-2 is supplied with a new DVD ISO image including all the updates for UCS 3.0 which have been so far released and all the package updates for Debian 6.0.5. The use of the new image is absolutely recommended for new installations because it reduces the installation period significantly. The images available directly at Amazon and Univention for ready-made virtual machines have also been updated.

As already announced, UCS 3.0-2 is now offering the possibility to mount Ubuntu-based Linux desktop systems in a UCS domain. A detailled description of this can be found in the Wiki at:
The standard support is expanded with the functions and methods described in this article.

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