Bacula Enterprise Edition new in Univention App Center

Integrate the network enterprise backup solution Bacula Enterprise Edition in heterogeneous IT environments with just a few clicks

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UCS 4.0: First Milestone released

New: Debian 7 Update, Samba 4.2, Linux-Kernel 3.16 and a better performing LDAP directory service

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New apps in Univention App Center: 7iApp-Svn and 7iApp-Trac

From now on there are two new applications of the software vendor 7iSolutions AG in Univention App Center: 7iApp-SVN is a dokument versioning system for project teams, tracks...

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Univention Blog: Integrate enterprise linux applications into existing Active Directory domains

Get more information about our new app "UCS Active Directory Connection"

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UCS 3.2-3 via Amazon Cloud Services

For all the users who want to test or operate UCS 3.2-3 as a virtual machine via Amazon Cloud Services, we have updated the AMI images accordingly:Univention Corporate Server...

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New patchlevel release: UCS 3.2-3 with numerous innovations

Integration in Active Directory domains included

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New partnership with great potential: Thomas-Krenn certified for UCS

We are happy to announce a strategic partnership between Univention and the server manufacturer Thomas-Krenn with the objective to cooperate in the marketing of UCS. Thomas-Krenn...

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Mailserver protection by Kaspersky in the Univention App Center

From now on, the anti virus and mailserver solution Kaspersky is available via the Univention App Center. This solution is the first app in the area of security and anti virus in...

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Dokuwiki, Wordpress and Subversion ready to install via the Univention App Center

Dokuwiki and Wordpress are now available as 7iApps in the App Center and can be installed with just a few clicks. 7iSolutions is the first provider to bundle existing Open Source...

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ownCloud with attractive introductory price for UCS users

Private cloud solution as a package with support for SMEs

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Central service management solution KIX4OTRS in Univention App Center

From now on, the service management solution KIX4OTRS 6.0 from the company c.a.p.e. IT is available via Univention App Center which offers, among other features, ergonomic,...

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paedML® Linux 6.0 introduced

Yesterday, the Media Centre of Baden-Württemberg (LMZ) presented the new paedML Linux 6.0 to IT service providers for schools, which is already in use in schools and educational...

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Mandriva Pulse now available in the Univention App Center

Today, we have announced the beginning of a new strategic partnership with the French Open Source software manufacturer Mandriva leading to the certification of Mandriva Pulse for...

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Univention opens first subsidiary in the US

Today, we have opened our first US subsidiary in Wakefield, MA delivering open, flexible IT management to US customers. After more than 10 years of experiencing and developing the...

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Release of Univention Corporate Client 2.0 with new configuration assistant and an update to Ubuntu 14.04

With the release of UCC 2.0, the Ubuntu basis of Univention Corporate Client was updated to 14.04 LTS so that UCC benefits from all the latest Ubuntu updates including improved...

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Release Candidate of Univention Corporate Client 2.0 published

The Release Candidate of Univention Corporate Client 2.0, our management solution for the management of PCs, notebooks and thin clients, is now published. It aims at channel...

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Patch level release Univention Corporate Server 3.2-2

Improvements in usability and new features in the App Center

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Univention Corporate Client 2.0 - First milestone released

The first milestone of Univention Corporate Client (UCC) 2.0 is released and is now available to download via the Univention App Center. The milestone is aiming at channel...

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OX Text new in the Univention App Center

In addition to the communication and collaboration software OX App Suite, the text editor OX Text from Open-Xchange is now also available in the Univention App Center. Both...

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WLAN access control via the new RADIUS app in the Univention App Center

From now on, the Univention App Center offers an app, which strongly increases the security for UCS-managed IT infrastructures by controlling the access to the company's WLAN for...

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New in the Univention App Center: Icinga monitoring solution

Icinga, a fork of the monitoring solution Nagios is now available via the Univention App Center and be easily installed. In comparison to Nagios, it distinguishes by a more modern...

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Heartbleed bug - Univention products not concerned

As reported in the press, the so-called "Heartbleed bug" of the security software OpenSSL enabled the reading of encrypted information. OpenSSL generally allows to...

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Web-based assistant for Active Directory Takeover now in the App Center

The graphic AD Takeover assistant turns the migration of Windows domains into a breeze

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New app for VPN management available in the Univention App Center

The necessity for mobile access to corporate infrastructures is increasingly common and hence the existence of secure private networks. With OpenVPN4UCS from the company bytemine...

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Univention App Center becomes a marketplace for business IT

At CeBIT in Hanover (Hall 6, Booth H15), Univention will be demonstrating the new, expanded marketplace version of the App Center. Users of the enterprise operating system...

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Patch level release for Univention Corporate Server 3.2-1

Next to the update to the new Linux-Kernel package version 3.10.26 with improved hardware support and bug fixes, today's release for UCS contains new features in Univention App...

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audriga groupware migration service facilitates the goodbye to Exchange

With the audriga groupware service available in the Univention App Center, UCS offers the integration of a solution, which allows the convenient migration from one groupware to...

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CeBIT 2014: Univention AD-Takeover simplifies migration from Active Directory domains

New operating mode makes UCS the ideal expansion for Microsoft environments

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New portal websites for UCS interested persons from France and Hungary

Univention is expanding slowly but continuously also outside of the .de domain. After our first foreign domain starting with the Netherlands and in cooperation with our Dutch...

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New in the Univention App Center: Groupware solution Tine 2.0

Combination of classic groupware functionality and process-oriented applications

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New portal website for UCS interested persons from the Netherlands

From now on, we have a dutch presence in the world wide web as a joint venture with our Dutch partner AT Computing from Nijmegen. Being Linux and Unix experts, AT Computing has...

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New in Univention App Center: Instant messaging solution PLUCS

Secure exchange of instant messages via Univention Corporate Server

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Univention Corporate Server 3.2 released

Improved user guidance and compatibility

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UCS 3.2 Preview video series

In order to create anticipation for the new upcoming release UCS 3.2, we have made a few short videos featuring highlights of the new release. Get a first idea of UCS 3.2 in our...

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LSE LinOTP develops two-factor authentication for UCS

Secure user login solution from the Univention App Center

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UCS 3.2: Release Candidate published

The Release Candidate of UCS 3.2 has been published and is available as DVD-ISO for i386 and amd64 from now on. It aims at channel partners, technology partners and interested...

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Change of IP addresses for Univention download server

For your information, the IP addresses of our download server at:http://download.univention.de/ and http://updates.software-univention.de/have changed. If you have saved the IP...

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New in the Univention App Center: SAML - single sign-on solution for web applications

Manage log-in data for different cloud services securely and centrally

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Updated signed GPLPV drivers available to download

Updated signed GPLPV drivers are available to download in our Wiki. These support Microsoft Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 as of now and increase the performance of virtualised...

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UCS 3.2: Second milestone released

The second milestone of UCS 3.2 has been released. It aims at channel partners, technology partners and interested parties who want to take a first glance at the upcoming release...

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