Management Team

Peter H Ganten
Peter H. Ganten

CEO - Peter H. Ganten

Peter H. Ganten studied physics and psychology and was working in in different fields of research and consulting before founding Univention. He has been involved with Linux since 1994 and has become well known as an author of a user guide about Debian GNU/Linux.

As founder and managing director of Univention, he was mainly working on design and structure in the early stages of the server operating system and infrastructure solution Univention Corporate Server. He also worked on a series of other projects in order to introduce Linux and other Open Source solutions in the finance and public sector. Today, he is leading the Univention management team and is responsible for the strategic direction of Univention.

Since 2012, Peter H. Ganten has also been Chairman of the Board of the Open Source Business Alliance (OSBA).

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Cord Martens, Head of Sales
Cord Martens
Head of Sales

Sales - Cord Martens

After his apprenticeship to become an industrial clerk in Hannover, Cord Martens studied "Management in Trade" at the University in Bremen, including one semester abroad in New York, USA. In 2003, he wrote his diploma thesis at Nokia in Bochum before joining Univention in 2004. In his first years, he was responsible for building up the sales team and the reseller partner network.

Since 2008, he has been leading the sales department at Univention.

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Alice Horstmann
Head of Marketing Communications

Marketing - Alice Horstmann

Alice Horstmann studied history and German philology at the universities in Marburg, Cologne and London. Before joining Univention in 2009, she was working as Marketing Officer at bremen online services and at Thomas Cook where she was responsible for internal communication.

Since 2012, she has been responsible for marketing communications at Univention.

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Stefan Gohmann
Head of Software Engineering

Development - Stefan Gohmann

Stefan Gohmann has been working with Linux since 1998. He studied computer sciences at the University of Applied Sciences in Emden and wrote his diploma thesis at Utimaco Safeware AG were he continued to work as a developer after his graduation. He has been working at Univention since 2003

Since 2004, he has been Head of Software Engineering and Support at Univention.

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Martina Bischoff Head of Human Ressources
Martina Bischoff
Head of Human Resources

Human Resources - Martina Bischoff

Martina Bischoff studied business management at the University of Göttingen. Afterwards she worked in human resources at the Stuttgarter Bank (Volksbank Stuttgart eG).

She joined Univention in 2007 after having taken a family break and has been Head of Human Resources since then.

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Ingo Steuwer
Head of Professional Services

Professional Services - Ingo Steuwer

Parallel to his studies of computer sciences at the university of Bieldefeld, Ingo Steuwer had already been working on the deployment of Open Source infrastructures in small and medium-sized companies. From 2000 till 2004, he was Managing Director of a software consulting company.

He joined Univention in 2004, initially working in product development. Since 2006, he has been Head of Professional Services.

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Kevin Dominik Korte, President of Univention North America
Kevin Dominik Korte
President of Univention North America

Head of North American Operations - Kevin Dominik Korte

Kevin Dominik Korte studied computer sciences at the Jacobs University in Bremen. He graduated as a Master of Science in 2011. Afterwards, he worked in the Professional Services Team at Univention for two years.

Since 2013 he is President of Univention North America Inc. and responsible for the business development in the USA.

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