Domain management with UCS

Economic operation and flexible management of IT infrastructure


Nowadays, organisations expect the management of IT infrastructure, comprising locations, computer workplaces, mobile devices, printers plus the user and rights management, to function easily and reliably without involving considerable administrative efforts. In addition, it must be simple to integrate existing and new systems in order to guarantee flexibility towards new challenges in the future.

However, many organisations often find themselves faced with too high costs and efforts. At the same time, the existing solutions prove expensive, inflexible, complicated to operate and only allow the integration of new systems with great difficulty.

Hence, important requirements for IT management solutions are:

  • Reliable and stable function
  • Simple to operate
  • Flexible adaption and expansion possibilities
  • Compatibility with established technologies
  • Comprehensive support of open standards
  • Cost-effectiveness and efficiency

Solution by Univention Corporate Server:

The primary objective of the development of Univention Corporate Server (UCS) has always been the fulfilment of these criteria. For UCS includes not only all the important functions for the operation and management of professional IT environments, but also implements a flexible, easy-to-adjust administration concept. The easy-to-use management system even allows UCS to manage the entire IT infrastructure centrally, including Microsoft-based environments and virtualized IT infrastructures. In addition, UCS is a platform for a wide range of other solutions - by Univention and numerous other manufacturers.

Thanks to a range of standard interfaces, ready-to-use connectors and complete Open Source licensing, UCS also integrates seamlessly in existing, even complex IT environments and can be expanded simply and flexibly.