IT infrastructure for the cloud

Managing flexibility simply

For many organisations, cloud computing means that the efforts required for the provision, operation and management of an IT infrastructure are not only reduced, but - like a prepaid electricity bill – can be adjusted to suit actual needs at any time.

This provides organisations with increased flexibility and allows them to adapt their infrastructure to suit changed requirements much, much quicker. In addition, the professional IT operation offered by many cloud suppliers also allows them to achieve an excellent level of quality, which is very difficult for small and medium-sized organisations to attain on their own. 

The challenge

However, anyone wishing to use the cloud must ensure a whole range of conditions. Too high dependency on cloud suppliers must be avoided and the operation of different parts of the IT in different computer centres or “clouds” must not result in an excessive increase in efforts or new sources of errors in the administration. The user management should also function centrally and practically irrespectively of whether the users use applications on the cloud or on the company’s internal network.

Companies or institutions that want to use cloud computing thus make the following demands:

  • Complete control of data, applications and access rights
  • The possibility of changing between different cloud suppliers easily
  • The simple possibility to move applications to the cloud and transfer them from the cloud to the company’s internal network
  • Simple, central administration of applications irrespective of whether on the company’s internal network or on the cloud
  • Central administration of users and their rights, irrespective of whether they access applications on the cloud or on the company’s network
  • Consistent passwords, ideally even “single sign on” for users irrespective of which cloud or network hosts an application
  • Extensive possibilities for adapting to new tasks, expansions and the integration of additional applications
  • High level of cost-efficiency and flexibility

The solution

Univention Corporate Server (UCS) is the ideal platform for positioning services or applications on the cloud. After all, UCS allows the simple, secure integration of cloud-based applications with established administration procedures. In addition, UCS offers good, practical possibilities for transferring applications from a cloud to an internal computer centre or to another cloud. In this way, UCS ensures that organisations still have good control over their IT when they use cloud-based services and guarantees long-term supplier independence.

UCS is an open and portable platform, which can be operated

  • in an internal computer centre,
  • in virtualized infrastructures,
  • as a hardware appliance
  • or on the basis of cloud offers

from different suppliers. In this way, UCS guarantees not only users, but also software manufacturers and system integrators a long-term high level of flexibility.

With the help of web-based administration tools, UCS can be commissioned and administrated on the cloud quickly. In addition, UCS is already available and ready to use on ever more clouds. With the help of the included tools for secure integration in the company network, the UCS services and a wide range of software solutions and applications certified for UCS can be commissioned on the cloud without any problems.