Desktop virtualization with Univention Corporate Server

Desktop virtualization is often the perfect means of providing IT workplaces efficiently and cost-effectively. In this concept, the systems used by the users are run and administrated as virtual machines on central servers. This reduces administrative efforts, costs and energy requirements.

The advantages of virtualized desktops in companies and institutions

  • Increased availability, security and efficiency in the provision of computer-supported workplaces via the consolidation of desktop systems on high-performance server hardware in the computer centre or on site servers.
  • Improved security and access control via the central operation in the computer centre and the central storage of data and applications. This also renders extensive backup concepts for clients superfluous.
  • No time-consuming operating system installations.
  • Considerable reduction in hardware and driver dependencies as the virtualization software replaces the hardware for the virtual machines. This eliminates, for example, driver problems with different desktop computers, BIOS or hardware revisions.
  • Flexibility when selecting end devices: virtualized desktops can be accessed using thin client devices and fat clients just as easily as with mobile end devices.
  • Mobility and flexibility: Irrespective of where the user logs in from, he is always connected with "his" virtual desktop.

Univention Corporate Server as an ideal platform for desktop virtualization

  • UCS provides the UCS Virtual Machine Manager (UVMM) module for the creation and administration of virtual server and clients systems in the UCS management system as standard.
  • UVMM offers all the functions for creating and administrating virtualized instances and hard drives on physical servers as well as their assignment to each other.
  • Administrators benefit from the uncomplicated, standardised administration of physical servers and the virtualized instances for servers and desktops running on them as well as the ready-to-use, preconfigured configurations profiles.
  • With its uniform, easy-to-use administration interface, the UCS management system represents a comfortable single point of administration for the management of virtualized desktops and for the entire user, rights and infrastructure management.
  • Comprehensive Active Directory functions make its integration in existing Microsoft Windows environments easily possible.
  • The Univention App Center offers a wide range of additional software solutions in the fields of groupware, document management and backup, for example, which can be easily installed and are already integrated in the UCS environment.
  • Univention Corporate Client (UCC) offers an integrated solution for the operation and central management of end devices (e.g., thin clients), used to access the virtualized desktops.

Availability of UCS Desktop Virtualization Services

Based on our experiences with UCS Desktop Virtualization Services, we are currently working with partners on the integration of new solutions for desktop virtualization with UCS. A test version of UCS with UCS Virtual Machine Manager (UVMM) is available to download in our download section.