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Certification (UVCP)

Certification (UVCP)

With the "Univention Certified Professional (UVCP), LPI-198", the Linux Professional Institute (LPI) and Univention are offering an additional qualification to the LPI certification LPIC-1. The certificate is aimed at system engineers and administrators who can use it to prove extensive knowledge of Linux basics and in-depth knowledge in the field of the Linux distribution UCS.

Examination contents

The candidate for the certification of Univention Certified Professional can:

  • perform a UCS installation interactively and profile-based, perform proper configuration of the individual components and analyse and resolve any installation problems

  • differentiate between the different system role components of a UCS domain and work with them

  • manage the users and user groups via the UCS management system

  • plan and realise the OpenLDAP directory service, the UCS-specific expansions based on it and the structure of a directory

  • change, adapt and expand the domain-wide configurations efficiently via the Univention Management Console

  • configure local computer and installation statuses and perform a backup

  • manage the DNS and DHCP service, employ package filters and firewalls, operate a web proxy and realise network monitoring via Nagios

  • configure and operate an e-mail service with the UCS mail service

  • operate central software distribution

  • operate file and print service for Windows and Linux systems

  • configure Linux desktops on Linux workstations, notebooks and thin clients and integrate Windows systems in the UCS domain

  • construct and manage a virtualization infrastructure with UCS Virtual Machine Manager (UVMM)

  • integrate Unix implementations from other manufacturers in the UCS domain.

To be awarded the certificate, candidates need to pass the LPI exams 101 and 102 as well as a special exam approved by LPI and developed together with Univention on Univention Corporate Server (UCS) and the products based on it.

Further information on the UVCP exam of the Linux Professional Institute can be found on
LPI's website.