Easy and central administration of virtualized IT infrastructures

The comprehensive management tool for virtualization technologies

UCS Virtual Machine Manager overview page

UCS Virtual Machine Manager (UVMM) is a high-performance and cost-efficient administration tool to virtualize and centrally manage your IT infrastructure.

UVMM is a default component in the administration system of our server operating and management solution Univention Corporate Server (UCS) and controlled via a modern and integral web interface for different virtualization technologies such as KVM and Xen.

Important functions at a glance

  • Virtualization of Microsoft Windows, UCS and other Linux distributions
  • High degree of flexibility when selecting virtualization technologies such as KVM and Xen thanks to the use of the standardized virtualization interface Libvirt
  • Comprehensive functions for the creation and central administration of virtual instances and hard drives, such as starting, stopping, pausing, deleting, migrating and cloning of virtual systems
  • Easy setup and central management of virtualization servers in a cluster
  • Quick setup of new virtual instances using preconfigured profiles
    (individually adaptable if required)
  • Detailed documentation can be found in the UCS manual

Test UCS Virtual Machine Manager!

Download and test UVMM with UCS for free to see for yourself. Simply install the UCS ISO image and start the UCS Virtual Machine Manager within the UCS management system.