Printer management

Printer configuration via UMC

Univention Corporate Server (UCS) contains CUPS (Common Unix Printing System) with which it is possible to realise extensive printer environments. Printers and printer groups can be created and configured conveniently in the UCS management system. The printers are available both to Linux/Unix clients and to Windows or Mac OS X systems. At the same time, respective server-side provision of printer drivers is also foreseen.

UCS allows print quotas to be set for printer groups and printers. The quota policies can be defined for users or user groups. Alongside a limitation of the possible print jobs, the system calculates the incurred printing costs and also offers evaluations. This allows you to control which user has placed how many print jobs. The policy-based administration means that these settings can be made for several users quickly. The Univention Management Console shows whether the print quota is activated and how many print jobs can still be ordered.