File services and backup

Univention Corporate Server (UCS) contains comprehensive functions for providing and administrating file services (NFS and CIFS / Samba) and for backup.

Central data archive

UCS allows the administration of a data quantity determined by quotas for users, user groups and users within a group. This makes it possible to prevent individual users from claiming the entire memory space available on a file server for themselves and saving unnecessary data. The policy-based administration means that these settings can be made for several users quickly. The Univention Management Console makes simple evaluation and adaptation of the existing memory limits possible.

Protocols such as NFS and CIFS (Samba) or SMB2 are offered via the file services of UCS. In addition, access to shares via a web interface is possible. The individual protocols can be (de)activated selectively and administrated via further options. The access permissions are assigned based on users and groups.


Bacula, a network-compatible Open Source backup program which makes it possible to save, restore or check data in a heterogeneous network, is integrated in UCS. Theses components can be used to save and restore UCS and other client and server computers in the network.

In addition, the following backup solutions for UCS are also available in the Univention App Center: