UCS – all functions and components at a glance

All UCS components and functions at a glance

Identity and infrastructure management

UCS' comprehensive infrastructure and identity management system allows the centrally controlled operation of all computers and services in UCS environments via an ascertainable, web-based administration interface.

All components of the identity and infrastructure management

Microsoft Windows support

With services for Windows (Samba) and the Univention Active Directory Connector UCS provides all the requirements for complementing existing Microsoft infrastructures or replacing them.

All components for Microsoft Windows support

Network and Intranet services

UCS contains all the important functions for operating and administrating networks as standard.

All network and Intranet services in UCS

File services and backup

UCS contains comprehensive functions for providing and administrating file services and for backup.

All components for file services and backup

Printer management

Policy-based and cross-platform administration of printer shares and permission administration.

Systems management and monitoring

UCS offers solutions for systems management and the monitoring of IT environments which are convenient to use and preinstalled.

All components for systems management and monitoring

Mail services and groupware

UCS contains a ready-to-use, preconfigured mail service, which functions with Microsoft Outlook and Linux e-mail clients without any problems and also offers a selection of groupware solutions from certified third parties.

Desktop environments

With UCS, the central management of desktop environments or use of terminal server services for central provision of Linux desktops is no problem.


UCS Virtual Machine Manager (UVMM) is the ideal solution for the centrally controlled administration and operation of virtualized servers and clients.