Univention Corporate Server

Certified solutions

UCS and its management system offer flexible possibilities for extension by integrating other solutions smoothly via the Univention App Center.

Univention Corporate Server is prepared for the most diverse requirements of modern IT infrastructures. This allows a maximum of flexibility on the basis of the included standard interfaces to be adapted to organisation-specific requirements or be integrated with third-party solutions.

The "Certified for Univention Corporate Server" logo is used to certify manufacturers who have guaranteed the long-term operation and support of their solutions with or under UCS.


Server hardware: Fujitsu Technology Solutions

Fujitsu Technology Solutions is a complete solution supplier for IT infrastructures with close links to the leading Linux distributors. The FTS servers are certified by Univention. Detailed information can be found under documentation.

Server hardware: IBM

IBM and Univention offer a configuration of the IBM server range system x3650 optimised for UCS. The IBM server system x3650 is certified for UCS. Detailed information on the tested and certified IBM servers can be found in the section documentation.

Serverhardware: Thomas-Krenn

Thomas-Krenn.AG operates the leading online shop for server systems in Europe. Detailed information on certified Thomas-Krenn servers can be found in the section documentation.

agorum core enterprise document management system

agorum core is a UCS-certified Open Source document and enterprise content management system with which users can access their documents as usual. More information can be found at the distributor's website.

High-Availability Cluster: DRBD

RBD refers to block devices designed as a building block to form high availability (HA) clusters. and it can be understood as network based raid-1. DRBD can be easily installed on UCS through Univention App Center. More information can be found on the vendor's website.

Groupware: Kolab

Kolab is the Groupware Solution for a heterogeneous world based on Univention Corporate Server. Kolab offers a modern web client, mobile phone connectivity and clients on all common operating systems. More information at: http://kolabsys.com/ucs

Windows group policy: nitrobit group policy

With the combination of nitrobit group policy and UCS, Windows clients can be administrated centrally based on the Linux server UCS and using group policies. Detailed information can be found under:

Windows software distribution: opsi4ucs

opsi4ucs is the integration of the automatic software distribution opsi in the LDAP-based UCS data keeping. This extends the UCS “Single Point of Administration” with the management of your Windows clients. The opsi4ucs software packages and the installation guide are available free of charge in the uib online repository. More on: http://www.opsi.org/en

File-Sharing-Software: ownCloud

With the integration of ownCloud with UCS, IT administrators can manage users and user access rights for UCS and ownCloud in a single, graphical interface. ownCloud users can run their own file sync and share services on their own hardware and storage, using popular public hosting and storage offerings, or both, enabling businesses using the combination of ownCloud and UCS to define for their employees which cloud storage provider to use and where to store data. More: http://www.owncloud.com

Groupware: Open-Xchange

OX App Suite for UCS is a UCS-optimised and UCS-certified version of the Open-Xchange App Suite integrated in the operating and management system of UCS. Further information at: https://www.univention.de/en/ucs-solutions/ucs-and-groupware/ox-app-suite-for-ucs/ and on the manufacturer's website at: http://www.open-xchange.com

Backup: SEP

SEP sesam is designed for client/server architecture from a data server right up to large heterogeneous data processing centres. The combination with UCS is also optimal. Read more at: http://www.sep.de/home/

Groupware: Zarafa

Zarafa is available to you as an optionally installable groupware solution for Univention Corporate Server integrated in the UCS management system.The Zarafa4Ucs software packages are also available for download on the Zarafa Community Hub project page for Zarafa4UCS as well as on http://www.zarafa.com.

Further certified solutions