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Product maintenance for Univention software products

Responsibility and flexibility: Univention software maintenance

Software maintenance means the continuous maintenance, further development and quality assurance of our products. This includes the following services among others:

  • Rapid provision of security patches as soon as security issues become apparent

  • Scheduled integration of new versions of the Open Source software used in the Univention products within the scope of fixed release cycles

  • Further development of the software components developed by Univention

  • Delivery of new product versions

Maintenance is thus the basic requirement for the secure, schedulable and economical operation of IT infrastructures which constantly need to adapt to new developments and requirements.

This is why Univention software licences include maintenance. In addition to the temporally unlimited user rights to the purchased software, users thus also receive continuous software maintenance including the right to procure updates and patches. At the same time, it is also possible to update to any newer version during the maintenance term.

The continuous maintenance, further development and quality assurance of Univention products offers a wide range of advantages:

  • Security gaps are closed with patches as soon as possible after they are discovered.

  • The IT systems operated with Univention products can be kept up-to-date at all times

  • Users benefit from future developments and new functions without having to reinvest funds

  • Customers can also depend on regular, scheduled release and update cycles in the scope of a reliable release management

  • In addition to security updates, error corrections and new features, the maintenance also includes version updates

  • Univention continually monitors the developments in the Open Source market to ensure that new and further developments are regularly integrated in the further development of the Univention products

  • The products can always be easily updated

With this maintenance, Univention takes on the responsibility for the software delivered once actively and for the long term – thus considerably facilitating the tasks concerning the operation of the IT infrastructure for the users.

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