Univention product videos

Demo films Univention Corporate Server 3.2

Univention App Center

Univention App Center is the place to find all available UCS components and extensions as well as a comprehensive selection of software solutions for business IT, such as groupware, filesync, CRM or backup. This video shows the installation process of an App.

Active Directory Takeover

The Active Directory Takeover assistant allows the complete migration of Microsoft Active Directory domains with just a few clicks.

Revision of the UCS & UMC overview pages

In this video, we show you the visual improvements of the overview pages of UCS and UMC.

UCS components in Univention App Center

This video shows you the new section in the Univention App Center in which you can embed UCS components for use.

Single Sign-On between UCS management systems

With UCS 3.2 we offer single sign-on functions between different UCS management systems. With this new function switching between different UCS nodes is a lot easier for the administrator because the credentials have to be provided only once.

Web Single Sign-On with UCS. An example with Google Apps for Business

UCS 3.2 provides single sign-on through a technology called SAML which is available in the Univention App Center. This video shows the process of logging on to Google Apps for Business via the SAML app and the corresponding setting options for the app and the user.

Simplified wizards for creating users and computers

With UCS 3.2 the creation of users and computers in your domain is simplified to just a few clicks through our new wizard.

These web films can also be found - in higher resolution - on the Univention YouTube channel. There you can also watch further web films and interviews, partly in German, about Open Source relevant subjects. More English web films will follow soon!