Mandriva Pulse

Available in Univention App Center

Univention Corporate Server is an easy-to-use, cost-efficient and popular alternative to Microsoft’s server solutions. It allows for easy operation of IT infrastructures. Thanks to its comprehensive Active Directory functions, it can be used to manage or even replace complete Microsoft environments. Univention App Center enables the user to expand the IT environment with UCS components and numerous third party solutions for business IT.

Mandriva Pulse extends the Univention App Center with an easy-to-use application for the management of hardware and software components.

Mandriva Pulse for UCS gives administrators a web-based interface for the central and flexible management of IT assets across different operating systems and sites. The application can be installed and operated with just a few clicks.

Central features of Mandriva Pulse

Mandriva Pulse web interface
  • Web interface for management and reporting
  • Inventory and remote contol of IT assets
  • Cloning and mastering of images
  • Convenient backup and restore functions
  • Deployment and management of software
  • User management and security updates
  • License management and software convergence

You can find more information on the Mandriva Pulse app on the app subpage.

Download UCS and test Mandriva Pulse

Download your free trial version of UCS and install the Mandriva Pulse app from Univention App Center.

 Mandriva Pulse setup guide

 Mandriva Pulse user guide

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